Why Rose’s Costumes In Power Of The Dog Mean More Than You Think

In “The Power of the Dog”, Rose’s gradual evolution from a stilted, proper innkeeper to a woman whose appearance and demeanor is ravaged by alcohol is central to the film’s storyline. Kirsten Dunst spoke to Vogue about the importance of Rose’s clothing in making the transformation believable. “Jeanne [Campion] and I liked the idea of ​​her hiding in her room in her nightgown when she drinks too much or is hungover or too scared to go out and confront Phil. In those scenes, she feels vulnerable,” Dunst said.

It was also important that Rose’s wardrobe be practical and simple, as Campion and Dunst also didn’t want the character “to look like a gold digger, like she was spending George’s money frivolously. It’s not Rose.” The “delicate pink colors” have reinforced Rose’s fragility and isolation as she is the only woman in the house who is not an employee, and she is broken by her friction with Phil and her lack of sense and purpose. insecure.

According to Variety, Dunst is almost guaranteed to be a contender for the 2022 Oscar race for her performance as a mother desperately trying to protect her son while living in an emotionally volatile, alcohol-induced haze. Dunst has never been nominated for an Oscar before.