We are testing 100 yen Halloween pet props on a cute wizard

Click for cute cat pictures! Oh, and adorable and affordable Halloween pet accessories.

It’s a year of firsts for our Japanese-speaking journalist K. Masami. On the one hand, she recently went to see Japan’s famous all-female theater group, the Takarazuka, for the first time. For another, she adopted her first cat.

It’s literally the cutest exotic shorthair calico whose every move goes beyond cute (according to Masami). With this Adora in his life, Masami could happily survive without ever leaving her home again.

As such, Masami lives pretty much every day to give her beloved cat gifts, and with Halloween approaching, Are there better gifts than Halloween props? Halloween products are, of course, already on the shelves, and some of the best places to find them are 100 yen shops.

They always have a great selection of pet accessories … so it stands to reason that their selection of Halloween themed pet accessories would also be out of this world. The Seria channel, in particular, is a gold mine for adorable Halloween pet accessories, but Daiso also has a nice selection. So let’s take a look at some of the best items Masami has found at both stores.

A cap that turns your animal into a ghost (awww).

A hat that allows your pet to pretend to be a witch. (Cuuut!)

Pumpkin Shaped Pet Glasses! (Oh my god so cute!)

A pumpkin-shaped decoy.

Literally so cute.

You can even turn your pet into a bat. (It’s so cute I’m going to die.)

All these overly adorable products are sold for only 100 yen [US$0.92] each to Seria, except for the glasses, which she found in Daiso. We don’t exaggerate when we say that Masami bought pretty much anything she could find. Imagine her delight when she realized that they are all not only super affordable, but absolutely fabulous when used! Simply perfect.

In fact, Masami was so happy with her first 100 yen Halloween pet supplies sale that she went to every store nearby to find more.

Sadly, once she’d bought just about everything, she had nowhere else to direct her enthusiasm for Halloween (and her cat) … At least until she stumbled upon these. cat ear clips. They aren’t intended for animals, of course, but Masami bought them thinking that maybe she could get her cat to wear them. Cat ears are, after all, a must have Halloween accessory!

It wasn’t until she bought them and quickly got home to see what she could do with them that she came to her senses.

“Ah… cats already have cat ears.” “

Maybe she should have bought Starbucks on the way home to wake her up from her Halloween frenzy.

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