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Kathryn stanfill

By Kathryn Stanfill • Young Lawyers Section Board of Governors

Votes were tallied as the tails wagged and the winners of the Jacksonville Bar Association’s 2nd Annual Young Lawyers Section Pet Costume Contest are featured in the history book.

The inaugural competition was such a success that it has become an annual tradition. Sadly, as has been the case with almost everything in 2020, this year’s event required some significant tweaking.

Last year the animals and owners were able to socialize and play, the only concerns being camaraderie and friendly competition. Now that seems to be there is a life. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, in-person events have shifted to virtual events.

This year, the YLS invited JBA pet owners to submit photos of their furry friends in Halloween costumes for a virtual vote for the best costumes.

Third place honey, queen of the jungle

While they must have done things a little differently this year, JBA members and contestants alike were eager to compete for a chance to win the trophy. After all, even though we weren’t able to get together in person this year, everyone still enjoyed seeing all of the animals ready to cheat or treat or rather receive treats.

There were pawsome costumes and the contestants looked pretty attractive.

Majors, my very own furry baby, was proud to represent the late and great famous RBG Notorious with a hammer ready to make a decision.

Sassy, ​​who is owned by Michele Waddell, lived up to her name in her pink cowgirl hat riding her “Wild Wild West” wagon to match.

Bacon, Theresa Carli Pontieri’s puppy, was a whole ham in her bacon cheeseburger costume.

Adam Prom’s bodyguard Honey was fierce as a queen of the jungle posing with her prey.

While Nymeria, who calls mum Erin Johnston, was sneaky, disguising herself as a bat, I don’t think the other bats had a clue that she was a dog.

First place majors, notorious RBG

Melanie Kalmanson’s two rascals, Wrigley and Turner, played their part well, as Wrigley was a good boy as a PAWlice officer smashing his brother, Turner, and taking him to jail.

Patch, Andrea Lehner’s dog, was on fire disguised as his favorite snack – a hot dog.

The competition was fierce and voting was open over the Halloween weekend.

After the votes were counted and the treats legitimately given away, the top spot went to my dog, Majors. Second place went to Patch and third to Honey.

Despite requests for a recount and allegations that some votes were “eaten by my dog”, the results remained firm.

You can see all of the entries on the YLS Facebook page at

Each winner received a gift card to Kanine Social sponsored by lawyer Kathryn Henthorn of Watson Reality and Iberia Bank | First horizon.

Thanks to all the participants, their owners and our sponsors, it was a puptastic event. We can’t wait to see everyone next year, when we hope to be able to pick up in person.

Kathryn Stanfill is an attorney with the Hinson law firm where she practices estate planning, guardianship and probate, including probate matters involving personal injury and wrongful death.

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