The “Squid Game” Pet Costumes Are Here

It is not a surprise in the midst of Squid gamThe frenzy of last month’s hit South Korean drama would serve as the perfect inspiration for a weird and on-trend Halloween costume. Although they were only released in the United States on September 17, online businesses and Etsy artisans wasted no time in blowing the internet with jump suits and protective masks in time for Halloween. Whether you want to don the iconic pink hazmat jumpsuit and apply the Front Man rules, or line up in a numbered tracksuit ready to try your hand at survival, there are plenty of great memories to remember. Squid game outfits to choose from. And now your four-legged companion can join your cosplay. Yes, you read that right. There is now Squid game Halloween costumes for pets.

Of course, all pets would likely fail the dalgona candy challenge, with their lack of opposable thumbs and their insatiable hunger to eat anything in front of them. But, a dog’s loyalty and heart could possibly take them pretty far in a tug of war game. And a cunning cat could probably land on its feet even after the glass springboard challenge. (However, it’s a bit unfair to other contestants that cats have nine lives to live.)

Whether you want to shop for a replica online or are ready to make your own pet costume of the night, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best Squid game Halloween costumes for pets.

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Competitor of the squid game

This costume, consisting of a green tracksuit and a t-shirt, is quite easy to DIY as a human. But finding these pet items can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many online stores that have created Squid game suits for cats and dogs – and, if stocks are limited, you can always buy a pet-friendly t-shirt and tracksuit and put a number on them.

Squid game guard

This costume is sure to add an intimidating energy to even the smallest and most cuddly of pets. You can buy a Squid game guard hoodie for your cat or dog with the Squid game logo. Or, you can go for a hot pink hoodie and customize it however you like. If you’re looking to mimic the black belts worn over guards’ coveralls, consider using a comfy black harness over your pet’s hoodie. As for the guardian mask, the Humane Society advises your pet against wearing a mask longer than the time needed to take a photo in order to avoid any physical danger or general distress. (However, a black cat or black lab is sure to watch the part in the outfit.)