The Cutest Pet Halloween Costumes of 2017

Halloween 2017 has passed, but we still have some of the cutest creatures to watch until next Halloween. Here are some of our favorite looks of the season:


Some say cats have prickly tempers – this costume takes that theory to the next level.

Clean aisle 10

This dog became an internet sensation this weekend thanks to his long, mop-like coat. Add a cleaning bucket and a pole and she’s ready for trick or treating.

Arrrrrr guinea pigs too cute

An often overlooked member of the pet word, guinea pigs made a triumphant comeback in 2017 and these two have truly given it their all.

East Coast Favorite

Who can refuse the Atlantic lobster and besides, Tilly the Pomsky could probably use this puffy costume as a winter coat. Very versatile.


Frenchie Delia Deetz has channeled her inner superstar: Madonna. The only thing missing is the helmet.

John Mayer

I’m not sure if John Mayer is what this cute little Shih Tzu was looking for – but we’re sure he can play an average rendition of Your body is a paradise.


Simple. Elegant. Art.


The caption says “the cat who supports all my shenanigans”. I do not agree.


Why should cats and dogs have fun? 5-year-old Luna, Holland Lop is so excited to show off her unicorn look.


Bibby is a Goldendoodle but fancies herself the scariest member of the animal kingdom.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter Carlin

I will have nightmares.

Dinner is served


​…by a deranged clown. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?


These hollow out teddy bear costumes will never, ever get old.

Foreign Corgs


The hottest costumes of 2017 have to be those inspired by Stranger Things, so of course this Corgi had to get in on the action. Presentation: The Democorgon.

Snowball, formerly known as Snuffles


The Halloween IQ helmet is just the beginning.



This little girl wanted to be like her best friend for Halloween. Adorable.