The 4 best costumes for the Saint Lucia Carnival 2022

The excitement around St. Lucia Carnival is palpable as the countdown to the big party begins, with spectacular costumes, seductive beats, parades, pure Caribbean energy, and more.

Drinking and partying aside, the bright and shiny suits depicting various themes are what makes the carnival wonderful. The color combination is just gorgeous.

Are you looking for the best costumes on the market? I got you!

Here are four of the sexiest Carnival 2022 costumes.

  1. Red Carnival Band – Aphrodite Goddess of Love (Frontline)

Bring out your inner goddess with this fierce and sultry costume from Red Carnival Band; Aphrodite Goddess of Love from their Platinum VIP section. The brilliant fire-like color choices with hints of black, the dramatic winged backpack, and the intricacy of the gemstones that make up the costume and headpiece combine to create a true goddess of chaos. This work of art can be yours for 2400 EC$. Visit for details.

  1. Fuzion Mas – Aje (Frontline)

This goddess of wealth, profit and sustenance serves the energy of the main character while wearing a peacock feather backpack and a dominant blue color, giving off a boujie vibe. This beaded costume exudes great energy, and the pattern is intricate and alluring. Secure your spot on the road with Aje for US$1150. Visit for details.

  1. Xuvo Carnival Band – Tusk (premium first line)

Let’s start by mentioning that the Xuvo Carnival Group has outdone itself this year with its costumes. Tusk, the mighty tribal costume, from their premium frontline section stands out from the rest. There’s something incredibly appealing about the design and theme of this costume. The animal print feather backpack in delicate blue, green, yellow and white colors with pearl embellishments screams queen of the pack! Join the Tribe in Xuvo with the mighty Tusk for US$1350. Visit for details.

  1. Legends Carnival Band – Fuego Woman Wirekini

Fuego, as the name suggests, is a sensual and exposing wirekini designed for the bold and courageous woman. The animal print costume features bra cups shaped like fire flames, red gemstones and red bead patterns on the arms and headpiece. Light up the road for Carnival 2022 with Fuego from Legends Carnival Band for EC$2099. Visit for details.

Although sections of the Just 4 Fun Carnival Band are sold out, they have very spectacular and spectacular creations. Just be sure to reserve your costumes in advance next time.