The 10 Best Wolverine Costumes In Marvel Comics, Ranked

Born James Howlett, but going by Logan for most of his life, Marvel’s Wolverine stands out in a crowd. Some readers recognize him for his healing factor, his claws, and his adamantium skeleton. Others remember him for his wild hair, tough demeanor, and willingness to throw himself into the fire when lives are at stake. His iconic costumes complement these memorable traits.

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Wolverine’s various costumes are a good reflection of the missions he undertakes and the seasons of life he has traveled. He’s a no-nonsense person who doesn’t take anyone gruff and has more years of combat experience under his belt than any of his fellow X-Men. From Wolverine’s first comic appearance to his latest adventures, his character and costume designs remain some of the best.

ten Feral: When Wolverine gave in to his animal instincts

Wolverine was stripped of his adamantium skeleton and lost his healing factor after the events of “Fatal Attractions”. Leaving the X-Men, he decided to go his own way. While trying to put his house in order, Wolverine found himself in a deadly conflict with Deadpool, after which he regained his healing powers.

Wolverine returned to the X-Men and stopped Sabretooth; however, in doing so, he gave in to his wild side. Over time, he began to act more and more like a wild animal. He wore his ragged yellow and blue suit, complete with a red or blue bandana tied around his face. His costume perfectly represented Wolverine’s inner struggle.

9 Combat Suit: A modern suit similar to Ultimate Wolverine

Wolverine’s battlesuit first appeared in 2003’s Weird X-Men #423, written by Chuck Austen with art by Ron Garney. This costume was used in conjunction with his New X-Men uniform. The yellow and blue were reminiscent of her previous costumes, but this one was more modern.

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The clean lines, the absence of a mask or shoulder pads, and the reinforced gloves made the battle suit the perfect outfit for Wolverine’s tactical missions. Although a simple change, this look has become iconic among young comic book readers.

8 Fang costume: a replacement for his burnt costume

Facing the Imperial Guard, Wolverine’s costume was completely burned. In this state, he fought and defeated a member of the Imperial Guard, Fang, and stole his costume. Wolverine only wore the suit for a short time after returning to earth.

Wolverine’s costume change was introduced in X-Men #107, written by Chris Claremont with art by Dave Cockrum, and was actually based on the DC character Timber Wolf. The boots’ collar, gauntlet, and frills gave Wolverine an even wilder look, adding to his presence as a no-nonsense warrior.

seven Here Comes Tomorrow: The Apocalyptic Cowboy

New X-Men #151, written by Grant Morrison with art by Marc Silvestri, featured a costume that would make Matthew McConaughey proud. In the apocalyptic future of Earth-15104, Wolverine wore a very familiar yellow costume with blue tiger stripes.

There is a major change. Complementing his usual uniform, Logan sported a cowboy hat and jeans. The dressed-up nature of the costume contrasted sharply with the devastated backdrop, making this costume hard to forget. Readers only got a brief glimpse of it during the run, but it’s become an iconic look for Logan.

6 X-Uniform: an attempt at cohesion with his team

After the events of “X-Tinction Agenda”, Wolverine switched to a more uniform costume with his team, wearing the same color scheme and similar configuration as his comrades. The X-Uniform was introduced in Weird X-Men #275written by Chris Claremont with art by Jim Lee, and it lasted until the Shadow King was defeated.

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The X-Uniform proved that Wolverine could work well with a team, even when he didn’t want to, and it created a great aesthetic for the whole team. After the X-Men split into Teams Gold and Blue, Wolverine would revert to his maroon suit.

5 Tactical black uniform: an ephemeral but interesting costume

While chasing Typhoid Mary, Logan went with a stealthier costume. Black with streaks of brown, the costume deviated from its normal look. It also featured a shoulder strap with plenty of pockets along it. The costume gave the character a breath of fresh air.

Wolverine only used it for a short time. After confronting Daredevil, he stopped wearing it. The suit was introduced in Marvel Comics Presents #150written by Ann Nocenti with art by Steve Lightle, and while it didn’t catch on, it became one of Wolverine’s coolest costumes.

4 X-Force: Drastic changes have led to a refreshing new costume

After the events of the “Messiah Complex” arc, Cyclops ordered Wolverine to start a new version of X-Force. As the leader of this group, Logan donned a new all-black and gray suit, a stylish change from his more common yellow and blue.

The most striking thing about Wolverine’s X-Force suit was the mask. It featured two glowing red eye patches, giving Wolverine an even more intimidating presence. Logan continued to wear this costume during the second X-Force, but discarded it after the events of “Final Execution”.

3 Skunk-Bear: A deserved suit for acts of bravery

After Sabretooth killed Silver Fox, Logan went to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company, trading furs with the Blackfoot Indians. Uncegila attacked the tribe, and Logan chose to face the demon in battle, even though he knew it could mean his death. When Logan proved victorious, the tribe gave him a new costume with the name Skunk-Bear, which stood for Wolverine.

Skunk-Bear’s costume made its first appearance in Marvel Comics Presents #97, written by Timothy Truman with art by Todd Foxx. Beautifully drawn, this deserved costume added another element to Wolverine’s extensive catalog of impressive costumes.

2 Original yellow and blue: don’t mess with a classic

Wolverine made its official debut on July 2, 1974 at Incredible Hulk #180, written by Len Wein with art by Herb Trimpe. After escaping from Weapon X, Wolverine joined Department H, which created its first costume.

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The yellow costume with blue tiger stripes, boots and gauntlets included a yellow mask with whiskers. Although he doesn’t look like a wolverine, he certainly made a lasting impression. Logan wore this costume while battling the Hulk in his first appearance and continued to wear it during his time with Department H and Alpha Flight.

1 Classic brown and gold: one of Wolverine’s most consistent looks

When John Byrne started drawing for the X-Men series, he was asked to create a new costume for Wolverine. Debut in X-Men #139written by Chris Claremont with John’s own artwork, the costume he designed has become one of the most iconic and popular outfits Logan has ever worn.

John Byrne’s design removed the shoulder pads and tiger stripes, changing the colors to maroon and gold. It was extremely popular among readers in the 1980s and even into the early 1990s. Logan returned to this costume after regaining his memories and even wore a modernized version of it years later.

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