Target is already gearing up for Halloween with perfect animal costumes

Target gears up for Halloween with new pet costumes

If you love Halloween (I know I do!) and love breaking out the costumes, you might be pleased to hear that Target is already gearing up for the spooky holiday. But what does this have to do with our pets? Well, it looks like the retailer is already releasing their pet costumes.

And this year, it looks like Target is going all out with their costume selection. Not only do they offer costumes for dogs and cats, but they make it easier to coordinate your pets. So if you have both a dog and a cat, you can dress them up in matching costumes!

According to PopSugar, it’s not just your dog and cat that can match, as Target has costumes for the whole family.

Target goes all-in for Halloween

With a number of costumes already available on their website, we took a look at what they have to offer. And I admit that there are many winners. Whether you want to dress up your pets as a dinosaur or a butterfly, you absolutely can. And that’s not all, as other costumes include a gnome, skeletons, an iridescent dragon, and even devil wings.

The costume selection is impressive enough to give places like Petsmart and Petco a hard time. Seriously, the prices look great, the variety is there, and the fact that there are costumes for the whole family, pets included, means we can totally head to Target for Halloween and our dogs and cats are always included in the mix.

We can’t wait for people to start picking out costumes for their pets, especially if that means coordinating costumes for all the pets in your family.

Are you going to buy a costume for your dog or your cat at Target? Are you dressing up your pet for Halloween? Are you surprised that the retailer is already gearing up for fall? Let us know what you think in the comments.