Summary of the law: a driving dognapper catches a husky puppy

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report dognapping. The appellant allegedly let a 10 week old male husky out for a minute on US 2 in Columbia Falls when another vehicle arrived, grabbed the dog and rushed off. The caller said they were waiting for an official to obtain a license plate from the security footage.

A caller on Parliament Drive in Kalispell gave an individual his truck to paint about eight months ago and nothing had been done with it. His questions were answered and he was told it was a civil matter.

A resident of Rogers Lake Road in Kila bought a trailer a few years ago and the original owner won’t give him the title and he wanted to know what his options were.

A man from US 2 in Columbia Falls called to find out why officers were at his house looking for him.

The front door window was smashed at a Montana 35 gas station.

Someone calling from Beach Road in Bigfork complained that a person at a neighbor’s house was making noise in their back yard.

Someone reportedly attempted to forcibly enter through a side door on Conrad Drive Kalispell.

A woman on Beach Road in Bigfork traced her stolen phone to a residence and told MPs she didn’t feel comfortable going home alone.

Clothes were stolen from a laundromat on Gosney Crossroad in Columbia Falls.

Two fuel cans and an extension cord were stolen from a storage unit with a lock cut on US 2 at Hungry Horse.

Someone renting a yurt on Northwoods Drive in Whitefish asked MPs for help when they found themselves alone in the dark with no vehicle or passcode to enter a door. The access code was on their deceased friend’s phone.

A Lakeside resident has received three letters from the state of Minnesota regarding an unemployment claim.

Two men attempted to jump on a train on Depot Street in Whitefish, but jumped when an engineer stopped them.

A wandering man allegedly dug a hole has raised suspicion of someone on Evergreen Drive. MPs contacted the man and informed him of the person’s concerns. He said he was “looking for polishing stones”.

A log splitter was stolen from Dolphin Drive in Kalispell.

A woman returned home on Two Mile Drive in Kalispell to find her missing garden wagon. She described the wagon as having removable gray metal sides and large balloon tires.

A woman on Lake Blaine Drive found video footage of a woman trying to enter some of her doors, then walked down her driveway.

A store on Evergreen Drive has been broken into, spray painted, and items stolen.

Someone on Trumble Creek Road found a car window shattered by bullet holes.

A tire was found thrown into a river and a boat launch area was excavated.

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