Suicide Squad 2 fan dresses snake as the Polka Dot Man and director approve

A fan shares a photo of their pet snake disguised as Polka-Dot Man from The Suicide Squad, and director James Gunn totally agrees.

A fan shared a photo of his pet snake disguised as a polka dot man from The suicide squad, and James Gunn agrees. David Dastmalchian will play the Polka Dot Man in the character’s very first on-screen iteration. In the comics, the Polka Dot Man is one of Batman’s most notorious villains. He often tries to compete with the Dark Knight but fails to gain the respect of the Gotham City underworld.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Polka Dot Man often failed to rise to the ranks in Gotham is because of his campy and ridiculous costume. Unsurprisingly, her costume is white and covered in colorful polka dots. This is true both in the comics and in the upcoming movie. He has a red belt and red gladiator glasses to complete the over-the-top look. Overall, not much has changed between the comic book costume and the movie costume.

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Despite the quirky supervillain costume, it looks like fans are already excited to see more of this character in The suicide squad. A fan account on Twitter just posted a photo of a snake disguised as a polka dot man. Gunn, who is no stranger to interacting with fans on social media, shared the image of the snake wearing the iconic white suit with colorful polka dots. The snake even has a pair of aviators on top of its head to complete the look. Take a look at the photo below:

The fact that his supervillain costume was accurately translated to the big screen from the comics with little change is likely an indication of the film itself. Based on Polka-Dot Man’s extravagant costume, as well as the savage costumes of several other characters, the film is likely geared towards a wacky and precise approach to comics. Director James Gunn is known for his eccentric humor and The suicide squad seeks to deliver. The villain of the movie is a giant starfish, after all.

If fans are already releasing cosplays based on characters from a movie that no one has seen, then it’s safe to say that The suicide squad could be a big hit. That would be huge for DC and Warner Bros., who are looking to chart the course after Synderverse. Plus, if Gunn can get another hit from an eccentric property like guardians of the galaxy and now The suicide squad, it could solidify his place as one of Hollywood’s greatest directors. Few filmmakers can make characters like these work, but Gunn already seems ready to do it all over again.

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