Skateboards, rubber duckies and clothespins on klepto cat’s list: “He loves the quest” | Amy Christie

A cat has a unique habit of running away with toys, drinking glasses, cutlery, plastic dinosaurs, rubber duckies and sometimes toy skateboards.

Charlie the cat has taken on so much that his owner has to work really hard to reunite people with their lost items. Stolen loot slowly finds its way back to the owners thanks to a “klepto cat box” set up for this purpose.

What are the details?

Alice Bigge, 41, is Charlie’s owner, and her pet houses so many unusual things that she sometimes struggles to find their place.

The woman first realized Charlie was running off with people’s things when a stuffed dinosaur greeted her one morning as she woke up and touched her pillow.

“I woke up with a diplodocus […] on my pillow – which made me think of […] The Godfather. Charlie was sitting there looking proud of himself,” Alice share with Good News Network.

She has since discovered that Charlie was getting toy dinosaurs from a nursery down the street from her.

“He would go over there, pick them up and bring them back here one by one,” she added.

The woman, who is a teacher at St. Brendan’s College in Brislington, is constantly amazed by Charlie’s growing booty. And it’s not like the cat is sticking to the same old trick.

It keeps grabbing different things and its owner never knows what to expect next.

“He likes clothespins right now,” Alice explained.

Ducks and small skateboards are also on the cat list.

“He recently brought back a rubber duck, quite big, and I don’t know how […] he put it through the cat flap. He went through a phase of coming up with these mini skates too,” Alice explained.

The cat brings home everything that arouses its interest. His owner tried to curb his habits by keeping him indoors for three months, but it didn’t work.

“He wasn’t allowed out for three months. As soon as he got out, he started bringing things back. In about a week, heaps of toy dinosaurs kept showing up in the house. I saw a green stegosaurus one day, […] a red the next day, and they just kept coming!”

Birds and mice have not caught the cat’s attention yet.

“He’s never caught a bird or a mouse…he goes and finds whatever he can.”

Thus, Alice and her daughter Martha manage the cat’s loot in a unique way. First they put a sign on their wall saying “Klepto’s cat.”

They also installed a rectangular shelf, like a box, on the outside wall, where they put the strange objects that appear in their house.

“Our cat Charlie likes to take things. Are these things yours? If so, please help yourself!” is written near the shelf.

Getting caught didn’t intimidate the cat at all, and his loving owner says he’s darling just the way he is. His quest is filled with funny moments, and many people have come to love the curious cat who grabs any object he finds interesting.

“He loves the quest. Whether it’s discovering something new or just wanting to please me and bring a gift to his family, it’s so funny now that people love his story […] we’ve been laughing at him for a year. Either way, we love it!” Alice concluded.