Score clothes and free fake tattoos in Heartbreak High’s Uniform Shop

PEDSTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Netflix to get you ready for the release of Heartbreak High.

Gather around you angsty teens and angsty to your core, ’cause Raised from heartache is dropping worldwide on Netflix this Wednesday, September 14. To celebrate the long-awaited reinvention of the Aussie, Netflix is ​​launching the Raised from heartache Uniform Shop – a school uniform store that is definitely worth queuing for.

But first, a bit about the new show. Has anyone talked about secrets, schoolyard drama, and sexual tension? You had us at hello. The 2022 iteration of the classic 1994 series will still explore the paradoxical nature of being a teenager, but with a modern lens – highlighting how much teenage life has changed over the past three decades.

You can score free clothes and fake tattoos in Heartbreak High's pop-up Uniform Shop in Syd this W/EExpect to take a trip where children from Raised from heartache “The dog’s raw reality – catching feelings, getting heartbroken, losing friends, getting laid, learning to have an orgasm, riding the big wheel of hormones, getting high, getting too high… There will be love triangles. There will be squares of love. There will be threesomes. There will be sneaky exits and forced entries. There will be STIs, urinary tract infections and IMTs.

OK, I’m sold. Let’s talk shop now. The pop up Raised from heartache Uniform Shop is set up to encourage people to be “anything but uniform” and will take place in Sydney’s Newtown on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September (10am-6pm).

You can score free clothes and fake tattoos in Heartbreak High's pop-up Uniform Shop in Syd this W/E

In the show, students from Raised from heartache are free to be authentic and express themselves through style. The Raised from heartache Uniform Shop’s goal is to bring this rebellious, self-expressive philosophy to life by inviting fans to channel their inner main character and celebrate their individuality – and score a free fashion hit in the process.

That’s right – everyone who visits will win a free second-hand item of clothing or accessory, but it’s not your usual thrift store fare, each item will be carefully chosen by a Netflix stylist to reflect the different personalities and styles of Raised from heartachecharacters. A true eclectic mix of aesthetics and hidden gems, if you will.

You can score free clothes and fake tattoos in Heartbreak High's pop-up Uniform Shop in Syd this W/EBut that’s not all, far from it. Everyone has an awkward school photo they wish they could engrave, but your parents insist on hanging it prominently in the living room – well, here’s your chance to make it right because there will be a photographer from same-day mode for taking school photos you’re actually going to want. Attractive.

This all sounds like fun, but as with all such things, expect a line – boring news under normal circumstances, but this is no ordinary line – there will be a performer on both days. Raised from heartache– inspired semi-permanent tattoos for people waiting in line (first come, first served xoxo). And don’t worry about mom freaking out, they’ll only last a few weeks.

Heartbreak High premieres exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, September 14 at 7 p.m. See you at the Heartbreak High Uniform Shop on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 520 King St, Newtown, Sydney.

Image: Heartbreak High