Scientists discover a strange basket containing dirty clothes

WASHINGTON, DC – Husband scientists employed at the Smithsonian Institution have discovered a strange basket containing dirty clothes and, so far, they are completely baffled by its origin or use.

Researchers deliberated almost every night as they set out to carefully study the artifact.

“Hmmm, this could be the greatest scientific mystery since Stonehenge,” said Dr. Haberdash Milton, clutching a single dirty piece of clothing with scientific tweezers. “Do you know what it is, Frank?”

“No, doctor,” said Dr. Frank Ash. “It could be from a lost civilization – Atlantis, perhaps?”

“I’ve had enough of your fringe theories, doctor. We found him in my room! Every few days he disappears and comes back full of clean clothes!” retorted Dr. Milton. He then examined a dirty sock with a magnifying glass. “Maybe my wife is trying to tell me something.”

“Your room, you say? Dr. Philistine White interjected. “Curious.”

“Hmm, yes,” Dr. Milton agreed. “Curious indeed.

At press time, a UCLA woman scientist published a peer-reviewed one-page article arguing that her husband’s scientists “should stop procrastinating and to do the laundry.Husband’s scientists consulted a respected Oxford linguist to analyze the article and determine its precise meaning.

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