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Keep your cat’s bowl full and cool while you’re away for the weekend.

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It’s been just over a year since people started to realize that quarantine was a long-term thing – signaling a peak in pet adoption throughout most of Spring and Summer 2020. Anyone who caught a cat in quarantine has a new item on their to-do list this relatively normal summer: figuring out how to care for said cat during the post-quarantine vacation.

A pet vending machine is a must for weekend trips that are short enough that they don’t require hiring a pet sitter. These smart dispensers make sure your cat is sticking to her regularly scheduled portions – not just gorging on a mountain of food left behind by you.

Amazon and Walmart have released a few popular automatic pet feeders for sale starting May 11:

One of the internet’s most trusted WiFi pet feeders is on sale for just over $ 130 at Walmart, beating Current Amazon price of $ 169.95. The PetSafe Smart Feeder can hold up to 24 cups of food (which can last up to a month, depending on how much food your pets are eating) and releases that food in portions at feeding time.

Up to 12 feedings can be scheduled throughout the day at 15-minute intervals – and once each feed is complete, a voice notification will let you know your pet has been fed. Meal times and an out-of-routine ‘feed now’ option can be set in the app.

Do you have a quarantined cat?  Get automatic feed on sale before the holidays.

This particular WOPET can be found at its “selling price” of $ 89.99 most every day. So while we might ignore the first $ 40 discount, the extra 15% coupon is notable: it brings the WOPET 6L down to $ 74.99, a price it hasn’t dropped below since the holidays.

Up to 15 regular meals with customizable portions (in grams) can be set through the app, and these meals can be changed remotely when you are away from home. The GOPET can also record a voice message to improve the comfort of your pet when he is alone at home.

A more expensive WOPET model also sees a 15% coupon that brings its MSRP down from $ 139 to $ 119.99.

Do you have a quarantined cat?  Get automatic feed on sale before the holidays.

Skipping an application entirely can be less stressful for some households. PetSafe’s 6-Meal Charger ditches WiFi but is still programmable via buttons on the lid. Six separate containers hold servings of different foods (like a special breakfast mix, meals for two, or treats) that you release as planned. The tray is dishwasher safe.

Do you have a quarantined cat?  Get automatic feed on sale before the holidays.

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