Samsung announces global expansion of its range of bespoke devices on the occasion of “ Bespoke Home 2021 ” – Samsung newsroom international

Bespoke Home celebrates the global expansion of Samsung’s line of customizable refrigerators, serving as a new platform to showcase an expanded Bespoke product portfolio including new lifestyle devices and connected solutions.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM May 11, 2021 Samsung Electronics today welcomes Bespoke Home 2021, a new virtual platform and global showcase for Samsung home appliances. The event highlights the global expansion of the Bespoke refrigerator line and nods to the upcoming global launch of the Bespoke Kitchen set, along with new lifestyle appliances and integrated IoT solutions – which can all make home life more personalized, flexible and intelligent.

“We are delighted to announce the global expansion of our Bespoke line, offering comprehensive lifestyle solutions to empower consumers as they explore their emerging lifestyle needs,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of digital home appliances at Samsung Electronics. “Our mission is to develop products that help consumers better manage and lead their lives.”

The customizable refrigerator goes global

The range of bespoke refrigerators extends to North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa. Bespoke is available in over 20 original colors and seven finishes worldwide, offering a generous number of combinations to choose from. The Bespoke refrigerator also offers Samsung’s large capacity, convenience and powerful cooling performance.

In North America, consumers can choose from a flexible 4-door freezer, a 1-door column, or a 2-door bottom freezer. Samsung has created a variety of metallic colors unique to the region, including Champagne Pink Steel, Navy Steel, and Matte Black Steel.

In Europe, Bespoke is available in 1-door and slim 1-door fridge and freezer options, and classic fridge-freezer models in 1.8 and 2 meter options with six different finishes and a wide pallet, ranging from classic white with soft pastels and statement colors.

A kitchen packed for you

The New Custom Kitchen Set is Samsung’s first global expansion of custom products beyond refrigerators, bringing the philosophy of custom appliances to any kitchen, starting with the US and European markets. Launched in the second half of this year, the North American offering focuses on the company’s flagship Bespoke refrigerators and expands to include a superbly built Bespoke microwave and dishwasher in the same look. and the same feeling as the refrigerator.

Packaging allows customers to unify or mix and match their kitchen aesthetic around their preferred color and finish, with choices of matte black steel, navy steel, pink steel champagne and white glass.

Devices that fit perfectly into your lifestyle

Samsung will also launch its expanded line of useful lifestyle devices in North America and Europe this year, including Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke Air Purifier and Bespoke Jet ™. With homes serving as offices, gymnasiums and classrooms, these new bespoke home appliances meet everyday needs by providing more flexibility, automation and hygiene.

New lifestyle devices launched in North America and Europe include:

  • Custom AirDresser offers a range of garment care solutions to ensure garments stay in pristine condition and does so with enhanced Bespoke styling. It will be launched in Europe and the United States in the second half of 2021.
  • Custom air purifier sucks air in five directions to purify it quickly and intensely, even in large spaces. Its ultra-fine purification system can remove 99.999% of 0.01 µm * dust, while the 3-way intelligent discharge circulates clean air in various directions. The unit is available in a range of models and colors and will launch in the United States during the third quarter.

  • Bespoke Jet ™ comes with a Clean Station ™ and a charging station, providing users with a complete cleaning solution. Once the vacuum is finished, the user simply turns the vacuum off and it will empty and charge on its own. The new Bespoke Jet ™ will be available in three colors and will launch in the United States, Europe, the CIS and South East Asia in the second half of 2021.
  • Jet Bot AI + is the first robot vacuum cleaner to be equipped with an Intel® AI solution. The smart vacuum uses its object recognition technology, along with LiDAR and 3D sensors, to identify objects and determine the optimal cleaning path. Also equipped with a camera, Jet Bot AI + is integrated with the SmartThings app to help with remote monitoring of the home. It will be available in the United States, Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.

Other new lifestyle devices include:

  • Custom shoe** pamper your favorite shoes so that they feel fresh after every wear. The unit deodorizes, dehumidifies and dries shoes according to their material and shape, ensuring they are maintained with proper care.
  • Cube refrigerator made to measure ** Provides modular storage for items other than groceries, such as wine, beer, and beauty products. This device is quiet enough to be installed in the bedroom or next to the sofa, or wherever you prefer to hold special items that need to be kept cool.
  • Custom water purifier ** is available with a single tap or multiple taps. It is equipped with a four-stage filtration system and can filter up to 2,500 liters of water, which is enough for a family of four to drink for a year. The volume and temperature of the water can be adjusted by voice command using Bixby.

SmartThings supports your connected life

Samsung’s vision for the bespoke home also emphasizes connected living through AI and automation. The driving force behind this vision is Samsung’s SmartThings, which provides users with a centralized and effortless home management platform.

  • SmartThings Kitchen provides personalized meal plans and recipes that reflect user preferences and refrigerator inventory, automatically applying temperatures and cooking modes based on each recipe directly to synchronized cooking devices. The service is already available in North America and some countries in Europe.
  • SmartThings Pet Syncs with home devices like the Bespoke Air Purifier and Jet Bot AI + Robot Vacuum to let users check if their pet is not at home. The service is expected to launch worldwide in the second half of 2021.
  • Care of SmartThings clothing Syncs with the Bespoke AirDresser as well as smart washers and dryers to make laundry days more efficient. The service recommends device cycles and settings for optimal maintenance, eliminating the guesswork. The SmartThings Clothing Care service is currently available in the United States and Europe. The update to connect the new Bespoke AirDresser will be available in the US and select European markets in the second half of 2021.
  • SmartThings Air Syncs with Samsung’s air purifier and air conditioner to monitor the air quality inside and outside the user’s home in real time. It will launch in the United States in the second half of 2021.

Please note that products and color options vary by market, including across Europe.

* Disclaimer: Based on internal testing in accordance with Korea Air Cleaning Association Indoor Air Purifier Testing and Evaluation (SPS-KACA 002-0132: 2018). Dust reduction of 0.01 µm by 99.999% after 13 minutes using High mode. Results may vary depending on actual usage conditions.

** Disclaimer: currently only available in the Korean market

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