PrettyLittleThing launches a collection of clothes, toys and more for dogs

In March 2022, pretty little thing (PLT) has launched a global search for a dog that could model the brand’s new Pet collection and now fans of the brand can get their hands on the new dog line.

The PLT Pet collection launched Tuesday, April 12, and a dog named Teddie is the face of the collection.

The eight-year-old American cocker spaniel won over the judges with an adorable video that was uploaded to TikTok by its owner, Olivia Bendell.

The launch is the fashion brand’s first comprehensive pet collection and if you’re wondering how to style your pooch, look no further.

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What’s in the PrettyLittleThing Pet Collection?

From harnesses and coats to leashes and beds, the collection really has a variety of parts that your dog can use and wear.

You can also get your hands on toys and snuff mats as well as matching items for sporting dog owners.

(left) A dog wearing the PLT collar and (right) a Pug wearing a PLT leash (PrettyLittleThing/Canva)

Here’s a roundup of the best PLT picks among the Collection of pets.

The Argus: (left) Teddie wearing a white PLT coat and (right) a Pug wearing a white PLT harness (PrettyLittleThing/Canva)(left) Teddie wearing a white PLT coat and (right) a Pug wearing a white PLT harness (PrettyLittleThing/Canva)

pretty little thing has partnered with the Labelle Foundation to rescue and rehome dogs across the states.

The charity rescues less fortunate animals such as abandoned, stray, medical and special needs animals to rehabilitate them before they move into their forever homes.

Throughout the month of April, PLT will share the faces of the dogs that are available for adoption through La Fondation Labelle. You can find the first post here.

You can see the full collection of PLT Pets via the PrettyLittleThing website.