PetCareRx’s Blake Brossman Highlights Importance of Comprehensive Approach to Pet Health

LYNBROOK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2021 / People have long recognized that a long, healthy life is the result of sustained efforts to improve physical and mental well-being. Over the past few decades, this approach has also gained traction among pet owners, with the vast majority realizing that their pet companions need more than regular meals and exercise. “ Scientific findings and advances in medicine increasingly support the case for a holistic approach to pet health, making it clear that what applies to people also holds true for pets. animals, ” says Blake Brossman, founder and CEO of PetCareRx“Not only have pet owners become much more exacting when it comes to pet food, they also pay a lot of attention to the general condition of their furry (or other) companions. This includes paying close attention to the emotional well-being of pets and adopting systems for their mental stimulation.

With growing awareness of environmental issues and the need to maintain a balance in private and public affairs, people are prioritizing environmentally friendly lifestyles, physical activity, moderation of consumption and positivity. These considerations are now being applied to pets as more and more pet owners realize the importance of an integrated approach to care. “ The shift to foods containing organic ingredients has been accelerating for some time, but pet owners are also demanding natural solutions at all levels. ” Blake Brossman comments. ‘This includes dental care products, supplements, toys and various accessories. Their request is in turn motivated by the realization that all aspects of an animal’s life play an important role in its health.

In addition to ensuring a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity, pet owners should also consider the mental and emotional well-being of their animal companions, Blake Brossman note, adding that nutrition and physical activity are as essential as keeping pets stress free and intellectually stimulated. In recognition of this importance, the pet care industry is constantly innovating, offering products and services that address stress and anxiety issues. Apart foods with ingredients that promote calm, pet owners have a choice of supplements, spa centers, and massage parlors. Ultimately, a virtuous circle has been created as the growing awareness of the need for a holistic approach to pet health drives innovation and provides pet owners with all the solutions they need. need to ensure that animal family members have healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Despite his training in public relations, advertising and applied communication, Blake Brossman chose to devote herself to the pet care business in honor of his beloved Rottweiler Lou, whom he lost to cancer. In 1998, the retail veteran launched PetCareRx, making the company a leading US supplier of nutritional and pharmaceutical products for pets. Committed to providing quality products at affordable prices, the online store offers prescription and over-the-counter medications, pet accessories and clothing, cleaning and grooming products, toys, furniture, travel and outdoor equipment and training aids. PetCareRx also maintains an in-house team of specialists to advise clients on pet nutrition, health and welfare and help them connect with local service providers.

PetCareRx – and founder Blake Brossman – on the front lines of helping pet parents cope with the impact of foreclosure:

Blake Brossman of PetCareRx for being recognized for Customer Service Excellence by Newsweek / Statista:

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