Pet Accessories for Your Car – Now your four-legged family member can travel in style

Staffordshire Bull Terrier standing on a car seat cover while strapped to a pet seat belt

For Black Friday 2021, we’re looking at pet accessories for your vehicle.

While browsing TakeAlot we came across some seat covers and seat belts for your pets.

Accessories are designed to keep pets safe and the interior of the car clean.

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These are the last stages of November, and that can only mean one thing: Black Friday! This year, one of our strong points is the pets. Whether he’s the furry type or man’s best friend, chances are he’ll share a vehicle with us and accompany us as we head out to the ocean or a pet-friendly hiking trail. .

That’s when we open the car door and wait for them to take a leap of faith in the comfortable, plush backseat. Or, in some cases, the front seat.

One of the things we encountered on TakeAlot is a back seat pet seat cover. The classifieds site lists over 140 results for “dog seat cover”, all of which fall within a wide price range. These specially designed seat covers clip onto the headrests of the front and rear seats, creating a cocoon in which animals can sit.

The great thing about this pet accessory is that it protects car seats – whether leather or fabric – from animal hair, slime, dust, and dirt. Additionally, these seat covers are much easier to clean than the actual vehicle seats.

TakeAlot lists these pet seat covers starting at R218. There are different models of different brands, with a Audi cover sold for R4 200.

seat cover, audi

Audi rear protective cover

By tying them up

Another item that we were quite surprised to see was dog seat belts. While this may sound like a stretch, it does keep pets under control when they hit the road. Pet seat belt attaches to your pet’s harness or collar, preventing them from moving in a moving vehicle, while the buckle snaps into the seat belt socket next to it seats.

These seat belts come in various sizes, making them easy to use on dogs, cats and other animals that may wear a harness when accompanied on the ride. These specially designed seat belts give pets the freedom to choose their position in the chosen seat, but do not allow the animal to distract the driver from his driving duties.

TakeAlot prices for the adjustable pet seat belt range from R139 to R239.

dog seat belt

Little Jack Russell in a car wearing a harness and seat belt