Pawsonify Creates Anime-Themed Pet Accessories


There is a company that offers officially licensed anime themed pet accessories.

It’s my time.

Pawsonify was founded by Vensy March, who started making cat collars in 2018. Along with March is company president Kevin Cheung, as well as April Bermel and Frances Locke (who are in charge of operations). Illustrator Kelly yoo is the talent behind the art on the website and the material printed with Antoine Vincent take care of the photography.

Pawsonify exists to enliven the relationship between pets and their geek humans. We research beloved cartoons and games, capture the spirit of these stories and characters in our designs, and turn them into comfortable and durable pet accessories that your pet can wear every day. Our team of pet lovers work in a small production facility in California where virtually all of our products are assembled on site.

Speaking of photography, here’s a look at their latest collection and a chance to swoop in on more plush nuggets.


Listen. I know my cats don’t know what Promare is, but one of my black cats definitely embodies Lio Fotia.


If you’re like me you’ve discovered Promare through the Twitter anime in 2019. The animated film was only released in select theaters at the time, and those who got to see it gathered to celebrate a firefighter himbo and a blonde with bad energy from dog. The film is a visual blast with fun characters, fantastic battles, a stunning soundtrack, and surprisingly relevant messages.

When I finally got to see it, I understood why the Twitter anime loved it so much, and why this really is one of those movies you should see for yourself if you get the chance. .

Since its initial release, you’ll see it re-release in theaters from time to time. This is the case this month. Promare will be released in theaters on September 16 and 19 Courtesy of GKIDS, and to celebrate, Pawsonify has partnered with GKIDS to deliver the perfect accessories for your pets.

(Note: the movie is also on HBO Max if you’re not comfortable with theaters right now)

the Promare collection Includes collars, leashes, and pet tags that match the aesthetic of the movie. From the vibrations of Lio’s pink and blue flames to the firefighter soul of Galo, every item seems to come out of a pet store in Promepolis. The prices of each item may vary depending on the size you need (shout out to those of us with thick collared fur babies). I especially like that item descriptions come with a size chart and company tips so you can determine what would be best for your pet.

While Promare is Pawsonify’s latest anime offering, it’s definitely worth exploring the site to see what other items are available. Yes, you too can collect your nice boy’s poop with a Akatsuki pop bag dispenser when you go out for a walk.

You can also turn your cat into everyone’s first anime husband, Sesshomaru.

The estimated shipping date for the Promare collection is September 30. You can pre-order the item (or items) of your choice just here.

(Image: Pawsonify / GKIDS)

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