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Online Pet Accessories Store Offers All New Customers 15% Off Their First Purchase

A popular online store for pet products and accessories announced today that it is offering new customers 15% off their first purchase. Pride Purr Store ( which sells everything from dog walking accessories, pet gadgets and grooming products to toys, has earned a reputation for helping pet owners animals to save money on quality products and accessories.

The online store’s pet products and accessories are priced at their lowest possible price, so they recently challenged Amazon to try to match them. This latest news of the 15% discount will make their products and accessories even more affordable.

All products come with a full warranty, and to help keep costs down even further, Pride Purr Store offers our customers a free expedited shipping service.

When asked why they offered new customers 15% off their first purchase, a spokeswoman for Pride Purr Store said it was a way of showing new customers how proud they were of help their customers save money.

“Here at the Pride Purr Store, we are pet lovers and we know our customers feel the same way about their pets as we do about ours. We want pet owners to have a place where they can buy top quality products at unbeatable prices.”

There are many examples of low prices in the popular pet accessories store. They include the Portable Pet Water Bottle. It is priced at just $23.99 and is the perfect way for dog owners to have water available at all times while on walks. Since it was made available in the popular pet store, over 12,699 people have purchased this item.

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Another great example of low prices at the popular store for pet owners is the Pet Grooming Tool, which is available for just $36.99. Using this accessory allows dog owners to groom their own pets at home without having to go to a dog grooming salon.

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Pride Purr Store sells quality pet accessories and products at low prices. All products come with full warranty and fast shipping service.

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