Olivia Wilde outclasses Harry Styles by wearing baggy clothes

Harry Styles’ Third Album Harry’s house was released last weekend, a lighthearted and joyful celebration of love and sex, carefree kisses and boilerplate descriptions of women who can’t actually be matched with any woman he may or may not date. . It should have been a celebratory time for Styles, who capped off the promo week with a concert at UBS Arena, but sadly her wonderful weekend was violently overshadowed by paparazzi photos of Olivia Wilde in New York. York.

Boo! Look at her! Standing tall in a baggy white t-shirt and baggy pants. What a mess !!!

As we all know, a famous person “cutting a relaxed figure”, like The daily mail said, is pregnancy code, and these paparazzi photos of the don’t worry darling director are perhaps just unflattering enough to leave room for hysterical speculation as to whether or not she is carrying Styles’ child, redirecting what should be goodwill to Styles when releasing new music towards the attention on her, clearly jealous, clearly attention-hungry, fake girlfriend clearly three to four months pregnant with the beloved singer.

Or maybe no one looks good in normal attire while waiting for the subway.

It is possible, if not 100%, that the paparazzi pictures de Wilde in New York were not an attempt to in the wings the success of her boyfriend, while hundreds of her fans call for her cancelation for their 10 years difference (legal for now!), or to trigger pregnancy rumors to distract from an ugly upcoming custody battle with her ex-fiancé. It’s just that the internet is a dangerous place if you’re Olivia Wilde, where at any time someone can dig up a ten-year-old photo of you with the other villain of the day, Amber Heardor an old Instagram comment where you say Friends reunion is your vaccine (disrespectful to, uh, STEM people and, like, the over one million Americans who have died of COVID). She can’t even post a Paweł Pawlikowski scene Cold War without inviting speculation on whom the doomed Polish lovers represent in their relationship. Maybe she has such a relaxed figure when she’s on the go because she has no idea what happens to the Harry Styles fandom every time she does a menial thing – or maybe she really is an accomplice and selfish female dog. It seems difficult, at least for some, to make the distinction.

On Sunday, Wilde and Styles were heading to the airport together, her in a decidedly less baggy outfit and him in an adorable little outfit. If she looked pregnant on Saturday, she definitely didn’t look pregnant the next day, ending the whole mania. Until she decides to do something else that goes against the idea invented by 17-year-old fans of what a pop star’s girlfriend should be, then it will all start again.