Oldham RSPCA sets up clothes recycling bank to raise money

A textile recycling bank has been set up at the RSPCA on Holgate Street, Oldham.

It is hoped that the bank will reduce the number of clothes going to landfill and raise much needed funds.

The donation point is located in the parking lot of the pet shop and allows the public to deposit their old clothes, shoes, textiles… all year round.

Money raised by the recycling bank will fund the local charity directly, as they receive no day-to-day funding from donations made to the National RSPCA.

Vincent Sherard-Bornshin, CEO of the RSPCA of Bury, Oldham & District, said, “We receive a lot of donations and we are often asked if we can take clothes and textiles that cannot be sold because they are not of salable quality.

“Up to now, we have unfortunately had to refuse these valuable donations. We have looked at various options and installing a recycling bank in our pet store is the ideal solution.

“Not only can people drop off items for tipping, but they can also visit our on-site shop for deeply discounted cat and dog food, accessories, beds, cages and a selection of cold drinks and snacks. snacks.” He added: “Collected garments are sorted by color and material, eliminating the need for re-dyeing with polluting chemicals.

“The clothes are then made into fibers to be reused – so we’re raising money and doing our part for the environment. It’s a win-win.”

Shoes, clothing, belts, bags and textiles are all accepted, but soiled clothing, textiles, quilts, rugs, rugs, pillows, towels and blankets are not.

Clean towels can be left at the reception of the animal center to be used with the animals.

The Recycling Bank is located at the RSPCA Oldham Animal Center, just behind the Waterhead Academy.

The donation point is located in the RSPCA car park.