Ocean Bound Plastic West Paw Pet Accessory Collection

It’s no secret that we LOVE dogs here at Design Milk! We also love products that are good for the environment, and our latest discovery brings them both together. the balls and dog placemats in West paw New Seaflex® collection are for the not-so-delicate eaters in your home, of the four-legged variety. A stylish duo, the placemat with raised edges keeps their mess contained while the non-slip bowl eliminates the cacophony of jingles and jangles that can accompany your best friend’s meals. Choose from navy blue or sea fog gray to match your decor or your puppy’s personality.

The entire dishwasher-safe Seaflex collection is safe and non-toxic, and the material it is named after gives plastic a second life. Seaflex is a blend of reclaimed and recycled ocean bound plastic and zero waste Zogoflex® material. It is through a collaboration with Oceanworks® that West Paw is able to source safely and responsibly from endangered coastal areas of Central America and turn them into items dogs love. You can also rest easy knowing that West Paw Seaflex products are BPA, phthalate and latex free. Although the collection has been tested for resistance using the West Paw Chew Squad and is supported by their I love the Guarantee ™, when the time comes, you can recycle both the bowl and the placemat through Join the Loop®.

>>> West Paw is a sustainable manufacturer of eco-friendly dog ​​toys, leashes, collars and beds. Learn more about the family brand on westpaw.com.

Dog eating blue bowls and mat on white background

Two Golden Retrievers laying in front of gray bowls and a mat on white background

Great Dane eating from gray bowls on white background

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