NO WAY HOME would enlist VFX teams that worked on SPIDER-MAN and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Rumors keep circulating about what to expect Spider-Man: No Coming Home, with the signs all apparently pointing to three versions of Peter Parker teaming up to fight some sort of interdimensional Sinister Six.

Seeing Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield share the screen would be truly spectacular, and there may be more evidence to point to this becoming a reality (despite Garfield’s recent denials). According to Murphy’s multiverse, Marvel Studios has enlisted the VFX teams that worked on previous Spider-Man films for Sony Pictures’ upcoming three-part series.

There could be a number of reasons they did this, and VFX teams aren’t working on just one franchise or one character! However, having the people behind Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man movies come together for No way home certainly makes us think that they were enlisted to recreate these other versions of the web-slinger.

After all, they know their moves better, and it will be important that more than just costumes differentiate the three Spider-Men as they (hopefully) wander around New York City together.

As with any rumor, this should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, but it makes for an interesting read if correct. Up to a trailer for Spider-Man: No Coming Home is released, there’s a good chance we won’t be made aware of what’s to come, and even then Marvel Studios might choose to hide the Returning Webbed Warriors.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is set to hit theaters on December 17, 2021.

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things you never knew The Incredible Spider-Man 3!

10. The Sinister Six recruits Spider-Man

The Incredible Spider-Man 2 ended with the revelation that Harry Osborn and Gustav Friers had managed to get their hands on technology capable of equipping a team of villains. That would have meant skipping the characters’ origin stories, which was an odd decision when they’re not just villains in fancy dress.

Six sinister was set to emerge from the events of that sequel, with the Drew Goddard film set to feature Doctor Octopus recruiting Spidey to his team under false pretenses before his true colors were revealed.

The team was ready to fight alien Gog in the Wilderness, with this version’s MacGuffin the real Pandora’s Box.

Another idea was to have Spider-Man don the Venom symbiote to enlist this group’s help in stopping Carnage, although that idea seemed to be scrapped after the alien costume was cut. The Incredible Spider-Man 2final footage showing what was hidden in Oscorp’s bowels.

9. The return of Norman Osborn


Norman Osborn died in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, setting Harry Osborn on the path to becoming the Green Goblin.

It was a new direction to take the characters, as it’s still Norman who became the goblin in the comics. There were, however, future plans for Chris Cooper’s version of this iconic villain.

In a deleted scene from the sequel, it was to be revealed that Gustav Friers was keeping Norman’s head in Oscorp with a plan to bring him back from the dead. How he was supposed to grow a body is unclear, although there have been other clues regarding the means of his resurrection.

We’ll talk about this later, but it’s likely that this goblin would have looked like its ultimate counterpart.

8. Spider-Man raises the dead


Full details were never shared about Marc Webb’s plans for The Incredible Spider-Man 3, but the premise of the film was that Peter Parker found a way to use his blood to resuscitate those close to him.

Denis Leary had signed up to return as Captain George Stacy, which would likely explain Norman Osborn’s miraculous return as well. It seems there would have been a trap, and those previously dead friends and allies would have returned Sematary for pets-style.

It’s hard to believe it was in the works, but it has been confirmed by multiple sources.

There’s a chance this would have borrowed ideas from the storyline of “The Clone Saga,” but it’s unclear if that meant there were other plans for Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

7. Ambitious Plans to Outperform Marvel Studios with Sinister Six


While Marvel Studios has found the success Sony Pictures desperately sought with its own Marvel characters, Sony Hack emails revealed ambitious plans to outdo the competition.

With Doctor Strange On the horizon, Sony executives believed that stealing Tom Hardy from Marvel (the actor then was among the best choices to play the Sorcerer Supreme) was their path to success. The plan was to pass him off as Sandman and make the villain even bigger than in Spider-Man 3.

“He’s going to storm London in the end like God-f *** ing-zilla,” read an email. “It’s not purple prose. He’s going to be AS BIG AS A SKYSCRAPER in the third act of the movie. What is Dr. Strange having? Magic tricks? F *** you, magic tricks – we have a Tom Hardy skyscraper knocking down buildings !!!! “

It’s a real email, FYI. Crazy.

6. Emma Stone returns … as Gwen Stacy Carnage!


Emma Stone was still a rising star in 2014 when The Incredible Spider-Man 2 came out, so it’s pretty easy to see why Sony was keen to keep her in this franchise on a regular basis.

It was only a rumor, but if it was true, the actress would return as Gwen Stacy combined with the Carnage symbiote. This is what happened in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and it was controversial there, so we can’t say for sure how fans might have reacted to that in a movie.

There were conflicting reports on how this was supposed to relate to the Venom film in development by Alex Kurtzman, but Spidey arguing with his partly human and partly monster girlfriend could have been fun to watch.

It is not known if Stone agreed with this direction for his character.

5. Sinister Six A-List Actors


It seems Six sinister went through a number of iterations, but there was one thing each release had in common: an A-List cast that Sony hoped would wow the competition.

One version of the team was to feature Spider-Man fighting alongside Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, and Black Cat. Idris Elba, Francis McDormand, Bryan Cranston and Jackie Chan were wanted for undisclosed roles, as were Woody Harrelson, Channing Tatum, Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke.

Chris O’Dowd, Michael Peña, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride were among the actors the studio hoped to bring their comedic skills to the spin-off.

Whether Sony could actually sign any of them has never been revealed.

4. Final Amazing Spider-Man Film by Marc Webb


It is a little known fact that despite Sony announcing its intention to release The Incredible Spider-Man 3 and The Incredible Spider-Man 4, Marc Webb was only going to direct the first.

The filmmaker planned to take on a consulting role with the fourth film, handing over the production tasks to another filmmaker. At the time, it was widely assumed online that Drew Goddard could make the jump to the main franchise after working on Six sinister for the studio.

It would have been a pretty solid choice, but it’s interesting that Webb is preparing to move on.

He was clearly happy enough to complete his trilogy, but it looks like Webb was ready to leave the franchise to take a new direction once he was done with it.

3. Felicity Jones disguises herself as a black cat


Felicity Jones played a bit in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, but there were future plans for “Felicia” in this Marvel Universe.

The name is a dead gift; Jones was going to put on a jumpsuit to play Felicia Hardy, the black cat, in Six sinister and The Incredible Spider-Man 3, potentially serving as Peter Parker’s new ally and lover.

It’s likely that she was at Oscorp with a plan to steal this technology from Harry Osborn, but when this series was canceled, so was bringing Black Cat to the big screen. Silver and black was developed later, of course, but it wasn’t put into this world and there was no mention of Jones being wanted to reprise the role. Now it has also been scrapped.

It’s a shame, because it would have been an excellent choice!

2. The Spider-Slayers


The Spider-Slayers are said to be part of Marvel Spider-Man 3, an appropriate decision if Peter Parker is on the run after being charged with the murder of Quentin Beck.

The first rumors for The Incredible Spider-Man 3, however, also claimed that there were plans for these robotic enemies of the web-slinger. It’s no big surprise when BJ Novak played Alistair Smythe in the second film, although it seems doubtful that J. Jonah Jameson was involved given his absence from this iteration of the world of Spider-Man.

There was clearly an overall plan for this series, and Smythe sending these robots after Peter at Oscorp’s request would have been a logical step.

We can’t say we’re sorry it didn’t happen, but it could have been fun to watch.

1. Crossover with MCUs


Sony Hack emails made it clear that Sony was excited to move on with the MCU, and rumors persisted during both. The Amazing Spider-Man movies that it was planned to include Avengers Tower as an Easter Egg.

An MCU crossover was high on the studio’s priority list, and one of the earliest hopes was that Captain America could appear in the threequel, setting up a possible appearance in Civil war.

As these discussions progressed and Andrew Garfield fell out of favor with Sony Brass in Japan, it became clear that Marvel Studios wanted to reboot the web-slinger. However, it’s hard not to wonder what it might have been like for this version of Spidey to join the MCU.

Then again, this reboot is probably for the best all things considered!

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