Nissan Australia Creates Pet Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs – News

Nissan Australia has created a series of accessories specifically designed to make traveling with dogs easier.

The accessories, designed for the Qashqai, X-Trail and Patrol, were created to make dogs more comfortable when traveling in the trunk of the car.

The dog pack comes with a rear protective tray (or mat depending on the vehicle), a reflective trunk lip guard, an in-seat cargo organizer and an off-road dog bed. It also includes a four-piece dog travel set, complete with an easy-to-store dog bowl, leash, poop bag holder, and resealable food bag.

There is also an additional ramp that extends up to 1.6 meters, making it easier for dogs to get in and out of the car. Studies have shown that all dogs could benefit from this feature, not just those that are old or small. He found that dogs jumping in and out of SUVs can lead to “increased levels of loading on anatomical structures” that could cause serious joint or bone damage.

The package also includes a sturdy cargo barrier to prevent dogs from entering the vehicle cabin.

“For many of us, our pets are like family, and now it’s easier than ever to take your dog with you on your next road trip, whether it’s to the local park or across the country,” says Nissan Australia Managing Director Adam Paterson. “The Nissan Dog Pack puts your furry friend first, with ramps, comfy beds, travel bowls for food and water, and new ways to organize your cargo space. You and your pet will love our new accessories.

Prices range from AU$339 to AU$1,215 for The Dog Pack.