New to Primark: The Harry Potter pet accessories Primark shoppers are rushing to buy

Harry Potter is one of the most recognizable book and movie franchises in the world. All over the world he has attracted millions of fans – and there is a high demand for his products.

High street fashion retailer Primark is just one of the few brands to jump on the Harry Potter trend, with the budget fashion brand releasing the full range of Harry Potter merchandise.

Muggles can now buy a range of famous Harry Potter merchandise from Primark. From clothing and jewelry to stationery and now even pet accessories, shoppers are rushing to get their hands on the franchise’s Primark merchandise.

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Sharing a photo of the new pet accessories, Primark showcased its range of Harry Potter options on its social media page. Uploading an Instagram post, the popular fashion retailer showcased the adorable accessories – and fans fell completely in love with them.

A photo of the props shows Harry Potter fans can get their hands on branded toys, water bowls and even treats. Shoppers also love the Harry Potter dog bed and harness, and the collar and leash, which resembles the Hogwarts tie.

Primark captioned the Instagram post: “A world of magic is coming with the launch of our new Harry Potter pet accessories [lightning bolt emoji] @primark.home prices from £5/€6 #Primark #HarryPotter”.

Shoppers have expressed how much they love the range, with the post attracting a huge following. Nearly 25,000 people liked the post and more than 2,700 people commented in just 13 hours, at the time of writing. Even reality TV star and Essex resident Vicky Pattison liked the post, showing that even celebrities love the range.

Primark shoppers simply couldn’t get enough of the range, with some gushing about how ‘cool’ they were and how ‘needed’ a trip to the retailer to get their hands on some.

One shopper said, “That’s beyond cool,” paired with a heart emoji. “Take my money,” another fan joked with a crying and laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, another shopper has expressed how much he ‘needs’ a trip to Primark to get his hands on it. They said, “I have to go to Primark”, paired with a heart-eye emoji. “OMG [heart eye emoji] i’m going to need all this [crying laughing emoji]“, joked another fan.

Another shopper said a shopping trip was on the cards to get their hands on some. They wrote, “Think you need to go shopping,” paired with a crying and laughing emoji. You can find the pet accessories at your nearest Primark store, with prices ranging from £5.

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