Monster Hunter Rise fan completes journey of 1000 origami switch axes

One fan has embarked on a journey to complete 1,000 Origami Switch Axes in Monster Hunter Rise. The trip is over and they have their wish.

A Monster Hunter Rise The player managed to craft 1000 origami switching axes to claim their wish. Last month, Twitter user Ceph0rend announced that he was going to attempt to craft 1,000 origami switching axes. The meaning of this number comes from the description of the game, which says that anyone who collects 1000 of them will be granted a wish.

The origami ax is one of the special weapon designs that players can create Get up. It requires parts of Aknosom, Volvidon, and Almudron to craft, as well as Kamura bills. Monster hunter has always had unique, comedic, or special weapons throughout the history of the series. Sometimes designs are community based. Monster Hunter World‘s Wyvern Ignition Great Sword won a community weapon design competition hosted by Capcom, as did the Black Eagle Charge Blade.

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Twitter user Ceph0rend posted that they had completed the 1000 Switch Axes and had already had their wish – the ducks of Monster Hunter border. The wish is obscure for those who do not know too much Monster hunter. Border was an online spin-off game that developed on the original series. He was known for his extravagant fighting style, monster designs, and unique weapons exclusive to the series. The ducks themselves were known as Gu-Ku, which were pets similar to the Poogie or Kahoot. Like other pets, Gu-Kus might change his name and outfit. There are also different weapon models based on the ducks that players could craft. Border.

Borderthe return of the ducks may not happen as Capcom is reluctant to use the content of Border. Part of the reason is that one of the game’s myriad of original monsters would have to be remade from scratch to work with the main game series. Gu-Kus could do it Get up since they weren’t a huntable monster in the first place, but Capcom may be reluctant due to the animal’s unfamiliarity with fans.

It remains to be seen whether Ceph0rend’s wish is granted or not, as the community awaits a response from Capcom. The company listens to a lot of fan commentary, so it’s possible they’ve already planned something for the occasion. Still, completing the 1,000 Switch Axes is quite an achievement, considering how many Aknosoms, Almudrons, and Volvidons they had to hunt to acquire all of the weapon’s parts. It will be interesting to see if Capcom rewards Ceph0rend for his dedication to completing this arsenal.

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Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Ceph0rend / Twitter

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