Merci Collective is changing the landscape of pet accessory brands

Reinventing pet luxury and style with vegan accessories for dogs and cats

June 27, 2022 – The bond of love between pets and their owners is timeless, loyal and healing. Dogs and cats are with us through the pain and growth phases of life. As pets lend us [sometimes physical and] emotional support, they also help guide us on a spiritual journey of love and lessons learned. Merci Collective’s essential and luxury pet accessories are designed to encourage inner healing and growth in our relationships with pets.

“Inspired by my own dog Benzo’s separation anxiety, I founded Merci Collective…an elevated line of sustainable vegan products that can be tailored to your pet’s unique needs so you can thrive in life and with style.” Chani Ronez, quoted, turned a sticky situation into a new pet fashion line after researching holistic methods for Benzo. Instead of continuing to take heavy medication, Ronez incorporated healing crystals into her treatment for anxiety. Growing up in a fashion-trained Parisian family, Chani Ronez was naturally inspired by new design ideas.

Featuring luxurious crystal embellishments, Merci Collective customizes accessories to help pets and owners relieve the pressures of everyday life naturally and in style. As pets and humans move through life’s ups and downs together, Merci Collective makes sure they can finally feel better together. Treat your pets to fashionable, intentionally crafted accessories that complement all kinds of looks and styles.

About Merci Collective

Merci Collective is proud to offer products for the daily walking, playing, grooming and general well-being of pets. Not sure which crystal is best for you and your pet? Take our crystal quiz and learn more!

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