Luxury pet accessories for fashionable pet owners

They say pets are extensions of their owners, so it’s no surprise that discerning dog and cat owners want fabulous looking pets. Sometimes we just want to spoil our furry friends and other times we can’t resist the urge to dress them up when they look so adorable.

Who would have thought that the world of pet accessories would be so lucrative? There is more choice than you can offer. But alas, here are our favorite luxury pieces to please your pet!


From stylish collars and collar tags to jeweled leashes, make sure your pet’s key accessory is stylish.

Versace Medusa Dog Collar and Leash

Featuring the iconic Versace Medusa emblem, studded along the leather collar, this set is sophisticated and understated, perfect for any fashionable puppy.

£ 495 at Amara

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Tiffany & Co.

Brighten up your dog’s walks with a shade of Tiffany Blue. Made of premium Italian leather with stainless steel hardware, it is a stylish accessory for you and your pet.

$ 345 from Tiffany & Co.

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Black and Brown Bullet Jessie Necklace

For something more traditional but just as luxurious, this black leather necklace with brass studs is perfect.

£ 120 at Farfetch

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Tiffany Necklace Charms

Necklace charms don’t come any better than this. A glamorous Tiffany tag, made of stainless steel, is a beautiful accessory for any pet.

$ 155 at Tiffany & Co.

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Leash fetch and track dog leather

Made of natural leather with brass fittings, this is a cute, durable and understated dog leash.

L: 95cm, W: 2.3cm

$ 72 for Freedom.

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Carry bags

Whether you need a quick get from point A to point B or need a respite from their little legs getting tired, a fashionable carry bag as a tote is perfect.

Prada tote bag

A nylon pet carrier with leather detailing and silver hardware, Prada’s is a smart, unisex option for animal lovers.

£ 1,580 at Farfetch

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Louis Vuitton 40 dog carrier

Are dog carriers more assertive than Louis Vuitton? This 40 monogram is a luxurious tote that will make you both look stylish.

$ 2,910 from Louis Vuitton

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Cloud 7 dog carrier

This soft and comfortable baby carrier from Cloud 7 has a removable wool liner ideal for switching between seasons.

£ 245 at Amara

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There is something hilarious about dressing our four legged friends, but as cute and funny as we can find some pets need the extra protection, especially small dogs. A winter warmer like this can help you avoid the cold on your morning walks while still maintaining a fashionable standard.

Polo Ralph Lauren knit sweater

This checkered knit sweater is perfect for winter, especially as Christmas approaches. It’s cozy, festive and undeniably cute.

£ 175 at Farfetch

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Petements Logo hoodie for dogs

Who doesn’t like a little loungewear? This Petements hoodie is a comfy fashion statement, we want one of our own.

$ 33 of Browns

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Polo ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren made it possible for pets and their owners to dress alike by expanding their range of polo shirts to our four-legged friends.

£ 55 at Farfetch

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Ware of The Dog checked raincoat

Featuring a hood lined with green checks and orange details, this rain coat will keep much of your four-legged friend dry on rainy days outside.

£ 75 of Freedom.

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Moncler x Poldo dog coat

Outerwear powerhouse, Moncler has partnered with Poldo Dog Couture to create enviable dog coats that will keep them warm in colder climates.

£ 305 at Moncler

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Everything else

From pet beds, food bowls and clever bow ties, there is a world of luxury pet accessories that we barely dip a paw into.

Lord Lou Antoinette Fusili pet sofa

A dark blue canvas with brass studs and wooden legs, this raised dog bed is a stylish piece of furniture that won’t be out of place in a stylishly organized home.

£ 291 at Amara

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Mutts & Hounds Grape Tweed Dog Bow Tie

If there’s a special occasion that you need to cool off your dog, this tweed bow tie is for you. Guaranteed to have people passed out.

£ 15 at Amara

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Food Bowl Tiffany & Co.

Available for cats and dogs, these beautiful blue bowls are crafted from soft porcelain in that instantly recognizable Tiffany Blue.

$ 130 from Tiffany & Co.

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