Lidl launches a range of pet accessories including a hammock for your cats

Part of the popular Supermarket Pet Week, the range also includes a dog pool and outdoor dog bed – available at Lidl stores across the UK.

Lidl just launched a cute cat hammock and we want to get our hands on one ASAP.

Calling all pet owners because Lidl has just launched its very popular Pet Week and a whole range of adorable items your furry friend will love – including a hammock for your cats to relax on.

Animal week has now started in Lidl stores across the country – so what are you waiting for? Now to find your nearest inexpensive supermarket we have brought up the store locator here to facilitate. You will also find the latest information on opening and closing hours there.

So what about these articles? Well there is also a comfortable Pet teepee, priced at £ 12.99, which features a sleek gray exterior for those pampered furry friends to escape and take an afternoon nap. Easy to assemble, with five wooden poles to keep it strong against even the most playful animals, the teepee also comes with a removable reversible pad for easy cleaning.

How cozy does this teepee look? We need one of these pronto!

For your whimsical feline who can’t resist a nap, the Cat Hammock, also £ 12.99, and comes with a simple wood finish allowing pets to relax in style.

Or for tired puppies, the Outdoor dog bed (£ 24.99) lets sleeping dogs enjoy the fresh air while dozing off – it’s adorable.

For the more adventurous and water-loving pooches, the launch is also the Dog water fountain (£ 9.99) and Dog Pool (£ 29.99), to keep those hot dogs cool and refreshed

When you, your family and your pooch are on the go, the Travel water bottle for dogs (£ 2.99) has a user-friendly design with an attached water bowl for thirsty puppies on the go! And it’s also available in three eye-catching colors.

Additionally, Lidl also sells a Pet Grooming Kit (£ 17.99), to keep your pet’s fur shiny and tangle-free, including an animal hair trimmer, wire brush, double-sided pet comb, fur scissors, nail clippers and a nail file.

Above you’ll find a few of the must-have items we can’t wait to get our hands on, but we’ve listed more below and their prices as well. Buy them while you can as they won’t be in stock for long – trust us.

  • Outdoor dog bed – £ 24.99
  • Pet Grooming Kit – £ 17.99
  • Hammock or scratching post for cats – € 12.99
  • Floating dog toy – £ 4.99
  • Pedal Dog Water Fountain – £ 9.99
  • Travel Dog Water Bottle – £ 2.99
  • Pet car seat cover or cooling mat – £ 7.99
  • Dog Pool – £ 29.99
  • Cat chair or pet teepee – £ 12.99
  • Dog lead with collar – £ 4.99
  • Specialty Dog Leash – £ 8.99
  • Dog harness – £ 3.99

If you don’t live close enough to a Lidl, fear not because we’ve found alternatives that you can have delivered right to your door.

Including this Beatriz Cat Hammock Siesta for £ 49.99 at Wayfair. The freestanding hammock is the perfect place for your cat to nap, or just a place they can hang out during the day.

Or what about this £ 99 Round Cat Shelf from Made. This little relaxation station gives your four-legged friend a place to lay down and relax while you’re at work. The cushions are also removable, which also makes them easier to clean.

If you are looking for a good deal, then why not give your pet the Amazon Hammock Cage, priced at just £ 8.99. Save floor space and tie this hammock somewhere safe for your little stuffed animals to relax easily. It’s also great for rabbits and chinchillas.

Are you tempted to drop by your local Lidl and pick up one or more of these adorable pet items? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.