Determine yourself how much money you can borrow and under what conditions. Borrowing and calculating the repayment of your loan online, it is possible with TheFurryone.

The Furryone budget plan **

TheFurryone's personal loan credits. An all purpose loan. Enter the amount you want and quickly calculate yourself.

The Furryone Autoplan ** - less than 3 years old

Buy your dream car now thanks to the cheap car loan from TheFurryone Kredieten. Do not wait any longer, apply for your car loan now and buy your dream car!

The Furryone Autoplan ** - older than 3 years

Looking for a cheap car loan for a used car? Discover the car plan & gt; 3 years of TheFurryone, apply for your car loan online now!

The Furryone Mobilhome Plan ** - under 3 years old

Buy the mobile home of your dreams now thanks to the cheap car loan from TheFurryone Kredieten.

The Furryone Light plan **

A special light rate to finance your big plans cheaper

The Furryone Reno Plan **

Borrow cheaply from TheFurryone Kredieten to renovate. Quickly calculate your loan yourself.

The Furryone Energy Plan **

Loan for an energy-efficient house with solar panels, insulation and a heat pump? You can borrow cheaply from TheFurryone Kredieten

The Furryone Moveplan **

Are you planning a move? You can move cheaply with TheFurryone Kredieten's Moveplan

The Furryone Holiday Plan **

Borrowing for your holiday can also be cheap. Quickly calculate your loan yourself.

The Furryone Party Plan **

A big party is definitely worth it! Leave the financial side to us with discount loans!

The Furryone All-in plan **

Group your loans and pay less per month. TheFurryone Kredieten's All-in plan is tailor-made to group your loans.

You are going to buy your own home, house or apartment and that is an exciting time. Onefurry Creditor is an independent credit broker that works together with several banks and lenders that specialize in mortgage loans.


With an affordable mortgage loan from Onefurry Creditor you become the owner of your own home!

New construction

With a mortgage loan and insurance adapted to your project

Purchase abroad

If your home in Belgium has been paid off in full or almost completely, you can use it as a guarantee for a home abroad


Prefer a new, cheaper mortgage loan than the old, expensive one you once took out.


A new kitchen or bathroom? Or that veranda you've been dreaming of for years?

Investment property

Your own piggy bank where you also earn something yourself.

In times of need, you need someone who is on your side and helps you. Someone who also knows what organizing is. Someone who flies into it. Protect your family, your house, your car, your children, your life together with The Furryone team.

Debt balance

Avoid unpleasant surprises and take out outstanding balance insurance with TheFurryone Kredieten.

Fire insurance

Fire insurance with TheFurryone Kredieten, in Forest Hills near Antwerp, guarantees your home against fire and related dangers.

Car insurance

Looking for car insurance from a company in the Antwerp region? TheFurryone Kredieten offers you various car insurance policies.

Family Insurance

Protect your family with a TheFurryone Kredieten family insurance policy. A small premium for a major disaster

Retirement savings

Plan your retirement and start saving for your pension on time. TheFurryone Kredieten can help you with all your questions.

Hospitalization insurance

Enjoy an unlimited reimbursement of all hospitalization costs with TheFurryone Kredieten hospitalization insurance.

DELA funeral insurance

Dela insurance through Mrs. TheFurryone

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