I did a Shein clothing haul and it was a complete failure – should have looked more closely at what I was ordering

ORDERING clothes online without having the chance to see them in person will always be a risk.

But usually it has more to do with fit or quality than anything else.


Isabella Robshaw ordered two slogan jumpers from Shein – both arrived with typosCredit: Tiktok/@isabellarobshaw
Second rider reads 'National Rark'


Second rider reads ‘National Rark’Credit: Tiktok/@isabellarobshaw

However, Isabella Robshaw took ICT Tac and joked that she should have proofread her Shein transport first – because the two sweaters she ordered came with some rather amusing typos.

In the clip, the fashion fan can first be seen wearing a slogan t-shirt with what she thought had “California” on the front.

It wasn’t until after she arrived that she checked the website and the sweatshirt clearly had the letter ‘l’ missing, reading ‘Caifornia’ instead.

She then showed how she was duped once again by the online site with a sweater that supposedly said “National Park”.

Instead, it read rather amusingly: “National Rark.”

Isabella captioned the post, “It’s embarrassing enough carrying places I’ve never even been to, let alone misspelling them.”

But seeing the fun side, Isabella joked, “At least I’ve got some comfy loungewear for the house next winter.”

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The post has since racked up 1.6 million views and has been inundated with comments from social media users.

“Probably for copyright reasons,” one wrote.

A second joked: ‘Why did it take me three years to realize it was spelled rark not park.’

A third joked: ‘I love taking my dog ​​to the rark.’

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: ‘Well I mean you can use these as pajamas.’

Elsewhere, others shared some of the misspelled products they had received.

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“I had a cap with Los Angeles and I had Los Angeles,” one admitted.

Another commented: ‘Yeah I should have done this a few months ago he said Califomia and someone pointed that out too.’

Isabella urged fashion fans to re-read their Shein orders


Isabella urged fashion fans to re-read their Shein ordersCredit: Tiktok/@isabellarobshaw