How to dry clothes quickly without a dryer

When I lived in a flatshare with three other people, my biggest pet peeve (of many, so to call it my biggest is saying a lot!) was my flatmates who left their laundry on a drying rack for days. It would kill me every time I walked through my bedroom door and was greeted by a rack full of laundry lying in my living room on its fourth day. Admittedly, it was more than dry.

I wish my past had seen — and then shared with them — this TikTok hack I stumbled upon recently. However, living in Sydney with the current rain bomb is perfectly timed that way.

Posted by New York-based professional organizer Caroline Solomon, the hack lets you dry clothes in 1-2 hours, instead of overnight, all with the help of a towel.

“We’re going to use the burrito method,” Solomon says in the clip. She then spreads a dry towel on the floor and places a wet shirt over it at one end. Then she starts rolling up both the shirt and the napkin, like a burrito. Last step? Press down on the burrito towel with your knees to wring excess moisture from the shirt.

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Although the shirt is still damp, it dries much faster on the hanging rack. Solomon also mentions that if you need it to dry even faster than within two hours, you can also add an extra step of sandblasting with a hair dryer – which she says only took a minute. . But let’s be real: with energy prices set to jump, you can probably wait two hours for your top to dry.

Here is the video:

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Another trick I’ve found for the burrito method is to roll the towel and top diagonally so the twist wrings out the moisture even more.

If you have a dryer, however, another tip I found online is to throw in a dry towel with your wet clothes. The towel will work to absorb some of the moisture, which will make your items dry faster and lower your energy bill. Remember to remove the towel after five minutes, if you’re only drying a few items, or 15 minutes for a full load.

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