Honda launches line of dog accessories for Civic and CR-V

What started as a friendly April Fool’s joke has turned into a line of accessories for dog owners riding Hondas across the pond. The company unveiled a range of dog-related accessories, including rubber mats designed to fit the Civic and CR-V, among other models.

Announced on International Dog Day, the accessories aim to make traveling with a dog safer and cleaner. The catalog includes rubber floor and boot mats, a boot divider and a bumper protector that ensures your dog won’t leave scratches when climbing into the boot. Honda’s UK division designed these parts for hybrid and non-hybrid variants of the Civic, CR-V, HR-V (which is not the same model we get in the US) and the Jazz, the hatchback city car that replaced the Fit sold on our market in the 2010s.

Not all accessories fit all models; the bumper protector is only compatible with the CR-V, for example. And some parts are suitable for older models.

While aftermarket companies have offered many of these items for decades, Honda’s are perfectly fitting units. The company cited the popularity of the April Fool’s Day joke as evidence that demand for dog-related accessories has increased, a trend that caught the eye of rival Subaru in 2021.

Pricing for the full accessory pack ranges from £530 for the non-hybrid Civic to £810 for the CR-V, figures that work out to around $630 and $960, respectively, at today’s conversion rate. It’s not yet known if the good doggos on our side of the pond will be able to ride on a Honda-designed trunk mat. We’ve reached out to the company for more details, and we’ll update this story if we learn more.

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