Halloween Express 2021 Pet Costumes Include Minion and Lady Gaga Looks

Deciding on a Halloween costume for yourself is hard enough, but trying to find something for your pet at home can feel overwhelming. Since you know your furry friend will look absolutely adorable in anything you put on it, it’s hard to narrow down your choices. If you’re ready to start browsing through some choices for your fur baby’s spooky costume, you’ll want to check out Halloween Express Pet Costumes 2021 to shop for some of the best looks for this year’s spooky season.

You can feel Libra season’s indecision creeping in every time you try to shop for pet costumes, but Halloween Express has divided its collection into two simple categories – classic costumes and famous characters – for you. facilitate the task. If you’re looking for something generic like a spider or a skeleton, go the classic costume route. On the other hand, if you’d rather get something more modern that your friends will recognize when you post it on ‘Gram, the famous people section is the way to go.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options out there, here are some of the best of what’s available in the Halloween Express pet costume collection for 2021 that you can browse. Whether your vibe this year is more spooky or too cute to scare, this list of 10 pet costumes has you covered so your dog or cat will be ready for howl-o-ween in no time.

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If your pup is a diva who likes to take center stage in all your Instagram photos, you’ll want to get this Pop Sensation Pet Costume. He’s clearly inspired by the Queen of the Little Monsters, Lady Gaga, thanks to her dog-shaped sunglasses and bow wig. Along with all the photos you’ll inevitably take of your dog in this look, you’ll also want to save a few TikTok videos to songs like “Monster” and “Bad Romance.”

The servants of Despicable Me franchise are without a doubt some of the most lovable characters to ever exist. It seems only fitting to dress up your cute dog in a minions costume for Halloween. You can even use a line of Despicable Me, like “That’s so fluffy”, to caption your dog photos.

This Katy Perry inspired look is another recognizable pop star costume you can get at Halloween Express. Although it is called “Cupcake Girl”, it is inspired by Perry’s look in her “California Gurls” music video with her signature blue wig and cupcake bra. Your pooch will be such a good sport wearing it you’ll want to give him his own cake as a treat afterwards.

One of the funniest Halloween Express costumes is this beer keg costume, which will make your dog look like he’s carrying a keg everywhere he goes. The best part of all is that their hind legs are used to look like another dog is helping them, so you’ll want to record a bunch of videos of your dog walking around the house for instant LOLs.

While this skeleton costume is cute on its own, you can also use it to create a Phoebe Bridgers-inspired costume. The “Motion Sickness” singer is known for wearing skeleton jumpsuits like this. You can even wear a matching jumpsuit ($43, Halloween Express) with your pup for all those nights you plan to watch horror movies together on the couch.


From The Wizard of Oz

If you dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween this year, give your dog this costume to look like your Toto. The design is what really makes this one of the best Halloween Express costumes. When put on, your pup looks like Toto poking his head out of Dorothy’s basket.

For a real blast from the past, treat your pet to this 80s inspired costume. It comes with a very retro neon tracksuit and a boombox to make your dog or cat look like they’re about to breakdance or listening to Run-DMC It’s totally tubular.

If you’d rather go the spooky route, you need to get this spider costume. It will make your dog look like a creepy crawler every time he walks. You can even scare people on your daily walks around the neighborhood, so be careful.

The versatility of this costume makes it a must-have. First of all, a box of chocolates is a nice costume idea in itself. However, the best way to wear it is if you plan to go like Forrest Gump for Halloween. Your puppy will be the box of chocolates it carries. You can even use her iconic line as an Insta caption for your matching costume.

If you are excited about the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie, you might want to give your pet this Ghostbusters costume. It even comes with the proton pack on the back so your pet looks ready to take down some ghouls. If you want to match your furry friend, you can even pick up a Ghostbuster costume ($68, Halloween Express). Caption your photo together, “We’re Afraid of No Ghost” in reference to Ray Parker Jr.’s song.