Get Halloween Ready with Great Deals on Pet Costumes at Walmart

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Anyone who thinks Halloween is just for kids is seriously deceived. Along with begging for candy, munching on treats, and watching spooky movies through your fingers, no Halloween is complete without a costumed furry friend. Take a look at Walmart’s huge range of products pet costumes, and make sure you and your sidekick are properly dressed for the night. Want an extra treat? Check Out Walmart’s Pet Lover’s Box(opens in a new tab) for seasonal selections, delivered monthly.

Let’s be honest

Forget what you’ve heard, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little weenie, especially when it comes to your furry friend’s Halloween.

costume attack

Land shark. Baby shark. Jaws. Jokes abound when it comes to this clever costume that will make your furry baby the cutest predator on the block.

Newsletter Furtastic Turtle

I scream!

Maybe your pup doesn’t feel like going out on a busy night…and that’s okay! Surprise them with this adorable ghost plush so they don’t experience any Halloween FOMO on their big night. Don’t let the cats feel left out either – there’s a Halloween treat(opens in a new tab) for them too.

In the saddle

Bring a “paw” and command your vacation with this hilarious outfit for your pooch. Be sure to take a video of them running towards you, because these stand-up costumes are guaranteed to have laughs.

Crustacean on call

If you plan to dress up as a mermaid or any other underwater creature, you better make sure your pet helps you play the role.

Through rain or snow

Turn the tables on classic friend versus foe dynamics with this hilarious standing mail carrier costume.

This little pig wants candy

This two-piece pig outfit will have people saying “admiration” as you walk home.

your little pumpkin

You can’t argue with a classic, and this pumpkin costume is just begging to be part of a pet photo shoot.