Dog disguised as President Trump wins contest for best Halloween pet costume in online poll: Meet Doc

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It was love at first sight for Ernesto and Maria Meija when they saw the then 4-month-old Shiba Inu, whom they would adopt and name Doc. Since both Meijas are doctors – working at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland – the name seemed appropriate.

Doc, 3, beat nearly 100 entries to win’s Best Pet Halloween Costume Photo Contest – disguised as President Donald Trump – with nearly 23% of 2,468 votes cast for the 20 finalists by readers over three days.

Contest entries included adorable and spooky cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles and more.


Check out photos of the 20 finalists in their costumes

If you need a break or a smile to brighten up your day, take a look at all of the applicants by clicking on the links below.

Photos of animals named Abby via Coco

Photos of animals named Cujo by Helena

Photos of animals named Hope across Milo

Photos of pets named Mocha through the pumpkin

Pictures of animals named Rocco by Zoey

Floyd, a Labradoodle dressed as a kernel in a box of popcorn, placed second with 17.50% of the vote, followed by Cujo, a mini Yorkshire Terrier dressed as a student Zooming with his classmates, finished third with just over 11%. Vinny and Jax round out the top five, a pair of bulldogs dressed as jailer and prisoner, and Tortellini, a newborn African spurred tortoise who ran into the top five within hours of voting.

Maria Meija came up with the idea of ​​dressing Doc as the current president because of his “constant smile” and love of posing for photos.

“The Shiba Inus are known for their aloof cat temperament and their need for proper training and socialization,” explained Ernesto Meija, “but with Doc he was always playful and full of personality from the first moment we spoke to him. have met. “

Doc enjoys the outdoors and chasing anything that walks in his yard – like deer, squirrels, and even blowing leaves. He loves to play with his toys and usually carries his favorite ball everywhere.

“Sometimes we fear that he will crash through the window if he sees something in his yard and he tries to come out to let them know that they are not welcome,” said Ernesto Meija.

What Doc doesn’t like is Roomba. When he sees the vacuum cleaner running around the house, he chases after it and tries to knock it over or push it back into its base.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and entered their adorable pets into our contest. This Halloween season is different for all of us and every photo made us smile.

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