Does Swiff Spray deodorant for your clothes actually work?

We have a love-hate relationship with sweat. On the one hand, we welcome the progress it is bound up with and push ourselves to aspire to sweaty glory. On the other hand, we hate the damp, smelly gear we’re left with at the end of practice.

Sweat creates body odor when it reacts to bacteria on our bodies – and while we’ve developed some good resolutions to address the source, there’s not much support for our fitness essentials. Sure, there are steps you can take to wash away the funk…but wouldn’t it be nice to just treat our smelly clothes and accessories as easily as we treat our pits?

Enter Swiff Spray, the first odor-busting deodorant for clothing, fabrics and other fitness equipment. Boasting a unique blend of antibacterial silver and organic plant antioxidant, this odorless air freshener aims to tackle the stink before it takes hold of your gear – and your nostrils.

We’ve tried every remedy in the book when it comes to beating the performance-based stink, so we decided to give the odor protection spray a chance to freshen up our active stable. From gym bags to running shoes, softball sneakers and more, we tested Swiff on an array of scent intensities and various fabrics. Here’s how it went.

Swiff Spray: the details

Swiff comes in a handy (if odd) 30ml bottle with two spray cartridges: one containing 15ml of Swiff’s silver solution, the other containing 15ml of gall nut extract. To apply the air freshener, spray each nozzle onto clean clothing 10 times for a long-lasting formulation that, depending on the brand, can last between 5 and 50 washes.

Swiff is safe for children, pets, hypoallergenic and fragrance free. The spray is also free of synthetic chemicals, PFA, aluminum and nanoparticles, which means it won’t irritate your skin or be a burden on allergy sufferers.

Ben Emminger

Cooling Comfort, Convenient Packaging

Despite the small 30ml bottle, we were able to easily deal with a plethora of sweat-soaked gear. A single bottle could cover the following:

  • gym bag
  • Gym shoes
  • Knees
  • Lifting straps
  • Field Softball Coaches
  • Softball Cleats
  • Multiple running tops
  • And more

    While you’ll definitely get a lot out of the bottle, you don’t have to worry about finding yourself without your Swiff on the go. No bigger than a pack of chewing gum, Swiff can be easily tossed into a bag or pocket for a quick touch-up on the go.

    The result: perfume removed, but not an absolute panacea

    Once our gear was dry, we continued with our normal training routine to test the resistance of Swiff’s odor defense claims. After a few weeks of running, lifting, and playing with our refreshed gear, we noticed no apparent funk. Specifically with our treated garments, it seems the spray also lasted several washes.

    However, Swiff was not the answer to all our stink-free prayers. At the time of testing, we knew one choice in particular would put up a mighty fight: softball cleats. On first treatment, the signs were promising, but after battling through more than 45 innings of play — and a toasty, oddly sunny weekend in Pittsburgh — the funk had returned.

    So, while making a valiant effort, it looks like we’ll have to save the Swiff for smaller tasks and leave the stronger smells for other tactics.

    swiff spray deodorant with shoes

    Ben Emminger

    Swiff Spray: Final Thoughts

    At under $30, Swiff is a respectable defense against great workout gear. Easy to apply and long-lasting, we’re definitely keeping this odor solution on hand for many training sessions to come. While it’s not the best for the most stubborn odors, you should have no problem battling the daily plumes of pungent body odor.


    Swiff Vaporizer

    • Long-lasting odor defense that won’t fade
    • Small packs fit easily in pockets or gym bags
    • Can’t fight strong odors
    • Only available in unscented form, no additional fragrances

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