Do dogs really like to wear clothes? The answer is not so simple

(Photo credit: Giada Canu/EyeEm/Getty)

As the fall months approach, you may be more inclined to add layers to your dog’s coat in the form of sweaters and boots. You may also be inclined to choose a Halloween costume for your dog. Some puppies seem embarrassed to put on an outfit while others don’t care at all. Whichever camp your dog is on, the question arises: do dogs really like to wear clothes?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Practical clothes versus suits

There’s a difference between dressing your pup in the latest fashions and dressing him for the weather. Some dogs really like costumes. Some really, really don’t. Practical clothes, like booties that protect your pup’s paw pads from icy walkways and jackets that keep warmth close to your dog’s chest, are another story.

It doesn’t matter if your dog love wear these clothes. Regardless of their personal feelings, they need protection. However, the same cannot be said for a Halloween costume.

When Dogs Should Wear Clothes

In some cases dogs need to add a layer whether they like it or not. Obviously, during the fall and winter months, you need to keep your dog warm, even if he doesn’t like your chosen jacket.

Hairless dog breeds, like the Chinese Crested, get cold without proper gear, even in mildly cold weather. Although it is somewhat embarrassing for them, it is important to keep the appropriate winter clothing available to them if they fall into this category.

If you’re hiking or camping with your pup, he may need booties and a jacket, depending on the climate. Check out a list of our favorite dog jackets here.

Should you dress your dog in costumes?

Some research suggests that dogs may experience embarrassment and shyness. If you’ve ever put a silly outfit on your pup and he behaved shyly, he may be doing it out of anxiety over the unfamiliar situation.

So, will your dog be emotionally hurt if you dress him up in a dinosaur outfit for Halloween? Probably not. However, if they don’t like to dress up to the point of being scared, you should refrain from subjecting them to costumes and stick only to practical and necessary clothing.