Cicadas, Rescued Kitten, Pet Costumes: Best Animal Stories MD 2021

MARYLAND – When the pandemic started and people were in their homes all day long, many turned to the companionship of pets, old and new. Over a year later, Marylanders still love their cats, dogs, rabbits and more.

Some of the best Maryland pet news in 2021 included stories of adoption, donations, a family reunited with a lost pet, and the story of one of the oldest cats in a county in the United States. Maryland.

There are also more unique animal stories, including zoo animals and the infamous cicadas.

New additions

The Maryland Zoo saw new members in 2021, including two rhinos and a sitatunga calf.

Two new rhinos have been introduced to the Maryland Zoo. (Photo courtesy of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore)

The mania of the cicadas

Katie Luckenbaugh said Mason, 4, loves visiting his grandparents and the cicadas in Harford County, Md., Where this photo was taken. Check out more photos of cicadas submitted by readers below. (Photo courtesy of Katie Luckenbaugh

If you were in Maryland this summer you saw the cicadas. They sparked curiosity when they started arriving and then some residents got creative. People sent pictures of cicadas in their backyards and with pets and children, and a local chocolatier even made cicada chocolates.