Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) Releases Fiscal 2021 Revenue Forecast

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) released an update on its earnings guidance for fiscal 2021 on Wednesday morning. The company provided an EPS forecast of 2.420 for the period, compared to the estimated EPS Thomson Reuters consensus of $ 2,270. The company has released a revenue forecast of -.

NASDAQ: CENTA opened at $ 53.77 on Wednesday. The company has a market cap of $ 2.97 billion, a P / E ratio of 24.22 and a beta of 0.69. Central Garden & Pet has a one-year low of $ 30.90 and a one-year high of $ 55.82. The company has a leverage ratio of 0.64, a current ratio of 3.46 and a quick ratio of 2.47. The company has a fifty-day simple moving average of $ 51.39 and a two-hundred-day simple moving average of $ 42.20.

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) last released its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, May 5. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $ 1.32 for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters consensus estimate of $ 1.08 by $ 0.24. Central Garden & Pet recorded a return on equity of 12.03% and a net margin of 4.48%. As a group, analysts expect Central Garden & Pet to post earnings per share of 2.07 for the current year.

Several equity research analysts recently commented on CENTA’s shares. Zacks investment research upgraded Central Garden & Pet from a sustaining note to a buying note and set a price target of $ 50.00 for the company in a research note on Monday, March 8. Truist began covering Central Garden & Pet in a research note on Monday. They issued a buy note and a price target of $ 65.00 for the company. JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised its price target on Central Garden & Pet from $ 45.00 to $ 53.00 and rated the stock neutral in a research note on Friday, April 16. Truist Securities began hedging shares of Central Garden & Pet in a report on Monday. They set a buy score and a price target of $ 65.00 for the company. Finally, KeyCorp raised its price target on Central Garden & Pet shares from $ 57.00 to $ 62.00 and assigned the company an overweight rating in a report on Thursday, May 6. One analyst rated the stock with a sustaining rating and five issued a buy rating to the company. The company has a consensus buy rating and a consensus price target of $ 59.00.

Central Garden & Pet Company Profile

Central Garden & Pet Company produces and distributes a variety of products for the lawn and garden and pet supply markets in the United States. It provides pet products including edible chews and treats, dog chew toys, dog toys, natural dog treats and chews, chews and solutions. pet dental, dog training pads, animal containment, grooming supplies and other accessories specialized bird, small animal and pet products including food, cages and habitats, toys, chews and related accessories; animal and household health and insect control products; live fish and products for fish, reptiles and other domestic aquarium animals, such as aquariums, furniture and lights, pumps, filters, water conditioners, food and supplements; and products for horses and cattle, as well as outdoor cushions and pillows.

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Historical and revenue estimates for Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA)

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