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Rumors keep circulating about what to expect Spider-Man: No Coming Home, with the signs all apparently pointing to three versions of Peter Parker teaming up to fight some sort of interdimensional Sinister Six.

Seeing Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield share the screen would be truly spectacular, and there may be more evidence to point to this becoming a reality (despite Garfield’s recent denials). According to Murphy’s multiverse, Marvel Studios has enlisted the VFX teams that worked on previous Spider-Man films for Sony Pictures’ upcoming three-part series.

There could be a number of reasons they did this, and VFX teams aren’t working on just one franchise or one character! However, having the people behind Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man movies come together for No way home certainly makes us think that they were enlisted to recreate these other versions of the web-slinger.

After all, they know their moves better, and it will be important that more than just costumes differentiate the three Spider-Men as they (hopefully) wander around New York City together.

As with any rumor, this should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, but it makes for an interesting read if correct. Up to a trailer for Spider-Man: No Coming Home is released, there’s a good chance we won’t be made aware of what’s to come, and even then Marvel Studios might choose to hide the Returning Webbed Warriors.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is set to hit theaters on December 17, 2021.

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things you never knew The Incredible Spider-Man 3!

10. The Sinister Six recruits Spider-Man

The Incredible Spider-Man 2 ended with the revelation that Harry Osborn and Gustav Friers had managed to get their hands on technology capable of equipping a team of villains. That would have meant skipping the characters’ origin stories, which was an odd decision when they’re not just villains in fancy dress.

Six sinister was set to emerge from the events of that sequel, with the Drew Goddard film set to feature Doctor Octopus recruiting Spidey to his team under false pretenses before his true colors were revealed.

The team was ready to fight alien Gog in the Wilderness, with this version’s MacGuffin the real Pandora’s Box.

Another idea was to have Spider-Man don the Venom symbiote to enlist this group’s help in stopping Carnage, although that idea seemed to be scrapped after the alien costume was cut. The Incredible Spider-Man 2final footage showing what was hidden in Oscorp’s bowels.

9. The return of Norman Osborn


Norman Osborn died in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, setting Harry Osborn on the path to becoming the Green Goblin.

It was a new direction to take the characters, as it’s still Norman who became the goblin in the comics. There were, however, future plans for Chris Cooper’s version of this iconic villain.

In a deleted scene from the sequel, it was to be revealed that Gustav Friers was keeping Norman’s head in Oscorp with a plan to bring him back from the dead. How he was supposed to grow a body is unclear, although there have been other clues regarding the means of his resurrection.

We’ll talk about this later, but it’s likely that this goblin would have looked like its ultimate counterpart.

8. Spider-Man raises the dead


Full details were never shared about Marc Webb’s plans for The Incredible Spider-Man 3, but the premise of the film was that Peter Parker found a way to use his blood to resuscitate those close to him.

Denis Leary had signed up to return as Captain George Stacy, which would likely explain Norman Osborn’s miraculous return as well. It seems there would have been a trap, and those previously dead friends and allies would have returned Sematary for pets-style.

It’s hard to believe it was in the works, but it has been confirmed by multiple sources.

There’s a chance this would have borrowed ideas from the storyline of “The Clone Saga,” but it’s unclear if that meant there were other plans for Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

7. Ambitious Plans to Outperform Marvel Studios with Sinister Six


While Marvel Studios has found the success Sony Pictures desperately sought with its own Marvel characters, Sony Hack emails revealed ambitious plans to outdo the competition.

With Doctor Strange On the horizon, Sony executives believed that stealing Tom Hardy from Marvel (the actor then was among the best choices to play the Sorcerer Supreme) was their path to success. The plan was to pass him off as Sandman and make the villain even bigger than in Spider-Man 3.

“He’s going to storm London in the end like God-f *** ing-zilla,” read an email. “It’s not purple prose. He’s going to be AS BIG AS A SKYSCRAPER in the third act of the movie. What is Dr. Strange having? Magic tricks? F *** you, magic tricks – we have a Tom Hardy skyscraper knocking down buildings !!!! “

It’s a real email, FYI. Crazy.

6. Emma Stone returns … as Gwen Stacy Carnage!


Emma Stone was still a rising star in 2014 when The Incredible Spider-Man 2 came out, so it’s pretty easy to see why Sony was keen to keep her in this franchise on a regular basis.

It was only a rumor, but if it was true, the actress would return as Gwen Stacy combined with the Carnage symbiote. This is what happened in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and it was controversial there, so we can’t say for sure how fans might have reacted to that in a movie.

There were conflicting reports on how this was supposed to relate to the Venom film in development by Alex Kurtzman, but Spidey arguing with his partly human and partly monster girlfriend could have been fun to watch.

It is not known if Stone agreed with this direction for his character.

5. Sinister Six A-List Actors


It seems Six sinister went through a number of iterations, but there was one thing each release had in common: an A-List cast that Sony hoped would wow the competition.

One version of the team was to feature Spider-Man fighting alongside Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, and Black Cat. Idris Elba, Francis McDormand, Bryan Cranston and Jackie Chan were wanted for undisclosed roles, as were Woody Harrelson, Channing Tatum, Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke.

Chris O’Dowd, Michael Peña, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride were among the actors the studio hoped to bring their comedic skills to the spin-off.

Whether Sony could actually sign any of them has never been revealed.

4. Final Amazing Spider-Man Film by Marc Webb


It is a little known fact that despite Sony announcing its intention to release The Incredible Spider-Man 3 and The Incredible Spider-Man 4, Marc Webb was only going to direct the first.

The filmmaker planned to take on a consulting role with the fourth film, handing over the production tasks to another filmmaker. At the time, it was widely assumed online that Drew Goddard could make the jump to the main franchise after working on Six sinister for the studio.

It would have been a pretty solid choice, but it’s interesting that Webb is preparing to move on.

He was clearly happy enough to complete his trilogy, but it looks like Webb was ready to leave the franchise to take a new direction once he was done with it.

3. Felicity Jones disguises herself as a black cat


Felicity Jones played a bit in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, but there were future plans for “Felicia” in this Marvel Universe.

The name is a dead gift; Jones was going to put on a jumpsuit to play Felicia Hardy, the black cat, in Six sinister and The Incredible Spider-Man 3, potentially serving as Peter Parker’s new ally and lover.

It’s likely that she was at Oscorp with a plan to steal this technology from Harry Osborn, but when this series was canceled, so was bringing Black Cat to the big screen. Silver and black was developed later, of course, but it wasn’t put into this world and there was no mention of Jones being wanted to reprise the role. Now it has also been scrapped.

It’s a shame, because it would have been an excellent choice!

2. The Spider-Slayers


The Spider-Slayers are said to be part of Marvel Spider-Man 3, an appropriate decision if Peter Parker is on the run after being charged with the murder of Quentin Beck.

The first rumors for The Incredible Spider-Man 3, however, also claimed that there were plans for these robotic enemies of the web-slinger. It’s no big surprise when BJ Novak played Alistair Smythe in the second film, although it seems doubtful that J. Jonah Jameson was involved given his absence from this iteration of the world of Spider-Man.

There was clearly an overall plan for this series, and Smythe sending these robots after Peter at Oscorp’s request would have been a logical step.

We can’t say we’re sorry it didn’t happen, but it could have been fun to watch.

1. Crossover with MCUs


Sony Hack emails made it clear that Sony was excited to move on with the MCU, and rumors persisted during both. The Amazing Spider-Man movies that it was planned to include Avengers Tower as an Easter Egg.

An MCU crossover was high on the studio’s priority list, and one of the earliest hopes was that Captain America could appear in the threequel, setting up a possible appearance in Civil war.

As these discussions progressed and Andrew Garfield fell out of favor with Sony Brass in Japan, it became clear that Marvel Studios wanted to reboot the web-slinger. However, it’s hard not to wonder what it might have been like for this version of Spidey to join the MCU.

Then again, this reboot is probably for the best all things considered!

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NorthLink Launches Viking Character Naming Contest Thu, 20 May 2021 12:52:29 +0000

Serco NorthLink Ferries has teamed up with Orcadian artist Alex Leonard to launch a new family of colorful cartoon vikings on ferries to Orkney and Shetland, and needs your help naming them.

The Viklings are a family of eight distinctive characters who wear costumes inspired by the Jarl Squads from previous Shetland fire festivals.

Ahead of their official unveiling, NorthLink is running a competition to nominate the eight family members, including a puffin and an otter.

Serco NorthLink Ferries Electronic Marketing Director Magnus Dixon said: “We are delighted to launch our new Vikling family, which will become a familiar sight on board our ships and in our ports.

“The Viklings celebrate the legacy of the islands we serve and that’s why we’re asking the people of Orkney and Shetland to help us bring each character to life with an interesting name.”

Viklings will appear on NorthLink ships in the Vikling’s Den kids ‘play area, on kids’ activity sheets, in scavenger hunts, and on posters.

They are also expected to feature in a comic book in future editions of NorthLink’s “Northern Lights” onboard magazine.

Registrations can be made between today, Thursday May 20 and Monday May 31.

There will be eight winners, with a name chosen for each character. If more than one person finds the same winning name for a character, a winner will be drawn.

Winners will receive a framed photo of their character Vikling as well as a £ 50 NorthLink gift voucher.

To participate in the Viklings competition, visit

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Both chambers approve the tax exemption bill on purchases of refuge animals Wed, 19 May 2021 18:07:23 +0000

AUSTIN – Finally, a piece of legislation that did not steal the fur during Wednesday’s debate on the floor of the Texas House.

In fact, it was a measure all members – Democrats and Republicans alike – couldn’t help but snuggle up to.

The problem was Senate Bill 197, which would exempt pet adoption prices and fees from nonprofit animal shelters and similar organizations from sales tax. It passed the House unopposed, just as it did in the Senate a month ago.

He is now awaiting the signature of Governor Greg Abbott. Assuming the governor is not vetoed, which is a shameless dog, the measure would take effect on October 1.

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Hartley Center Celebrates Nursing Week | New Sun, 16 May 2021 22:00:00 +0000

HARTLEY – It was a zoo at the Community Memorial Health Center in Hartley on Wednesday, May 12, but in a good way.

Students from the FFA section of Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School brought a menagerie of animals to brighten the day for residents of the long-term care facility as part of National Skilled Nursing Week.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to walk into the nursing home to visit residents, especially since many residents have been locked out over the past year,” said the councilor. the FFA, Michele Wagner.

Residents were able to pet a yellow Labrador, lambs, a goat, a rabbit and several chicks. Sophomore Joe Billings also brought a cow, which residents could see outside through the assembly room windows.

The FFA Children’s Zoo was just one of many activities held at the center this week to highlight the work of skilled nurses. Each day of the week, the property organizes seasonal themed activities for staff and residents.

Monday, May 10, was the “Spring Fling”, in which residents decorated sugar cookies and paper bags, in which they also enjoyed packed lunches. They also potted geraniums that had been donated to the center.

The theme for Tuesday May 11 was “Hawaiian Luau,” which involved grilling for a picnic-style lunch and decorating the building with Hawaiian decor. Students from Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Elementary School also came to draw chalk on the sidewalk outside the building for residents to see. Games such as Hula-Hoop competitions took place this afternoon.

Besides the petting zoo, Wednesday’s’ Summer County Fair Day ‘also featured carnival games, decorations, clown costumes worn by staff, and a show where residents could throw pies in staff members’ faces. .

An “Oktoberfest” theme dominated Thursday, May 13, and involved German dishes served and a dog parade featuring dachshunds and other dog breeds.

The week ended on Friday May 14 with a “Winter Carnival” which included a lunch of chili and cinnamon buns, Christmas decorations, as well as a Nerf “Hunt the Snowman” pistol contest and a fake snowball fight.

Administrator Janette Simon said the week has been very different from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. At this point last May, residents mostly stayed in their rooms to avoid the potential spread of the virus.

“It was really hard to do anything fun collectively because we were still all kidnapped,” said Simon. “With some of the loosening of protocols, spring and sun, etc., all of our spirits are turned up and people are just ready to socialize and have fun and be silly.”

She said a high percentage of staff and residents at the center had received the COVID-19 vaccine, which allowed the facility to slightly modify the mitigation measures in place for the pandemic.

For example, Community Memorial Health was able to allow room visits to residents’ relatives. Visitors should plan their arrival in advance and are screened upon entering the facility.

If a visitor and resident are fully vaccinated, they can be in the resident’s room without wearing a mask. If visitors are not fully immunized, they should wear a mask when in the room.

Visits only take place if residents are comfortable with them.

“Some people are still a little leery of not knowing the efficiency rate fully, so we are just respecting their wishes and what they feel comfortable doing,” said Simon.

All staff continue to wear masks when working, and staff who are not fully vaccinated wear face shields in addition to their masks. They are also screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the door and are tested for the virus once a week.

Simon said she and the staff were happy to have had their spirits up this week with the fun activities. She also said how happy she and everyone at the center were to have made it through to 2020.

“We feel very lucky to have this year behind us and to be optimistic about the future.”

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News Headlines for Music Biz, May 13, 2021 Thu, 13 May 2021 09:00:00 +0000

Toronto musician Simone Schmidt advocates for homelessness in camps ahead of album launch

Simone Schmidt does her best to keep her activism separate from her music, but it is clear from the long delay in releasing her third album as Fiver in the world where her priorities lie. – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

After years in Toronto clubs, Chippy Nonstop returns to his own music

Tired of the wait, the local DJ / producer released a new album with dj genderfluid – his first new music in almost a decade. – Kelsey Adams, NOW

Hall in one: the rise of CARAS and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

The debut of the Junos and the birth of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame were by no means flawless endeavors. – Nick Krewen, National Post

Scott Smith’s Adventures in Pedal Steel airs live from Vancouver’s Blue Light Studio on May 28

Local steel pedal guitar fans who missed out on the Adventures in Pedal Steel nights Scott Smith used to put on at the Heatley on Hastings have something to look forward to. On May 28, the primo picker will present a live broadcast of a concert filmed at the Blue Light Studio, where he will show how the pedal board can be used in country, soul, indie-folk and gospel brand Sacred Steel. . – Steve Newton, Georgia Straight

It’s time we talked about the Dishrags and other long lost all-female Canadian rock bands

Toronto post-punk outfit Fifth Column, for example, was a revolutionary feminist and queer in the 1980s and 1990s. Yet Fifth Column, the subject of Kevin Hegge’s 2012 documentary She Said Boom, has had its day. Others like Dee Dee in Vancouver and the Dishrags weren’t so lucky. – Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail


Why is Believe going public? And what will he spend $ 600 million on?

On May 10, Believe – the service center for independent artists and French labels – fired the starting gun at an IPO in Paris. By floating part of her company on Euronext, Believe revealed, she hopes to raise just over $ 600 million. Here, Believe founder and CEO Denis Ladegaillerie tells MBW all about the IPO. – Tim Ingham, MBW

11 Independent Musicians Explain How They Ride The NFT Wave

Skeptics like ANOHNI and Zola Jesus as well as believers like Mick Jenkins and Pussy Riot talk about the good, bad and ugly of the digital collectible game. – Marc Hogan, Pitchfork

Stream and Starve – Mediocre broadcast rates and scams galore for musicians

The music industry has been known for generations to rip off musicians wholesale. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how popular you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written songs or hymns. You will have the bad side of contracts and royalty agreements. Now, you’ll be on the wrong side of streaming rates as well. – Paul Wallis, Digital journal

“It’s about the artist. It’s about the music. It’s not about you.

At the start of The Defiant Ones (the brilliant Netflix documentary about his separated and then intertwined life of Dr Dre), Jimmy Iovine says, “I don’t see production as a big thing. I consider it a job, not a great achievement. However, speaking to him now, particularly about his life and studio accomplishments, it’s clear that this brash and seemingly pessimistic statement is only partially correct. – Dave Roberts, MBW

Why was Dolly Parton dressed as a banana?

No, this is not an enigma. For its latest campaign, sunscreen brand Sun Bum outfitted statues in the United States in fruity costumes to raise awareness about skin cancer protection. – Michelle Laufik, BizBash

Bob Marley: 40th anniversary of the death of the music pioneer

It has been 40 years since legendary reggae singer Bob Marley died of cancer in Miami at the age of 36 on May 11, 1981. Here he is filmed. – BBC News

Iron Maiden teams up with BrewDog for Hellcat beer

BrewDog, one of the world’s leading craft brewers and the world’s only carbon-negative beer brand, partners with Iron Maiden, one of the world’s most famous and revered rock bands, to launch Hellcat, an India Pale Lager, in the fall of 2021. – Buddy Iahn, The world of music

Expedia helps Joe Jonas travelers

Literally. The travel agency made 150 replicas of the singer’s hand to take away further travel stress. – Washington post

How to keep your group from breaking up

Keeping the peace between a group of passionate artists over a long period of time can, unsurprisingly, be a tall order. Here, we take a look at some essential tactics so as not to break up your party. – Patrick McGuire, Reverb Nation

How TikTok chooses which songs go viral

The app’s successes seem to emerge organically, but the success of artists like Megan Thee Stallion reveals a highly managed curation process. – Shelly Banjo, Bloomberg

Shaun Ryder: “ I was addicted to heroin for twenty years, but there was no damage to it ”

From ADHD to alopecia to learning the alphabet at age 28, the Happy Mondays singer has had a crazy and eventful life. He discusses hedonism, parenting – and why he has to spend so much time correcting Bez. – Tim Jonze, The Guardian

Best albums of the month: May

Check out all of our four and five star album reviews from the past month, from pop to folk to classic and more. Marianne Faithfull makes the cut. – The Guardian

The musical ‘Godspell’ celebrates its 50th anniversary

It will come as no surprise to his legion of fans that the first professional musical to be staged in the United States during the pandemic was “Godspell”. The Berkshire Theater Group in western Massachusetts put on a production in August. – Seattle Times Post-Intelligencer

Melbourne’s Katie Weston to perform Alanis Morissette’s music across Australia

Alanis Morissette won’t be hopping on a plane to Australia anytime soon, which is a great opportunity for Melbourne singer Katie Weston to tour Australia to perform the songs. Katie’s ‘Uninvited’ is not a Covid lockdown show. She originally performed the show in Melbourne in 2019. – Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Demi Lovato to Host Unscripted UFO Investigation Series at Peacock

Demi Lovato will find out if the truth is out there in a new, unscripted UFO limited series that has been commissioned from Peacock. – Variety

Van Morrison: Review of the last volume 1 of the Record project – Depressing Rants by Tinfoil Milliner

The veteran bluesman loudly wakes the sheep with this boring and paranoid double album, reminiscent of a dinner with a bitter divorcee. – Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

Elton John and Years & Years cover the Pet Shop Boys, it’s a sin for the Brit Awards

Elton John and Years & Years came together for a truly spectacular performance of the Pet Shop Boys classic “It’s a Sin” at the BRIT Awards. – Noise11

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Hamptons / Greenwich Barking Beauty Pageant raises money for charity Mon, 10 May 2021 11:00:22 +0000

The 2021 Hamptons / Greenwich Barks Beauty Pageant raised over $ 1,200 for the Sandy Fund. (Photo by Ed Shin)