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Young dogs who are not used to being left alone at home can exhibit destructive behavior when you go to work for the first time after the pandemic.

INDIANAPOLIS – During the pandemic, many families bought pets to add some companionship and joy to their home life.

Months later, some of those “pandemic puppies” aren’t as friendly and happy as they once were.

In short, a dog’s life is not what it used to be. “Bing” is about to find out. Her owners and playmates Caleb and Drew return to work and return to school.

“Since we got him he’s never been home alone so it’s going to be a big adjustment,” said Caleb Larson.

“He’s anxious,” said Drew Harris. “He’s already had our doors finished and we’re renting. We don’t want him to destroy our doors.”

Another pandemic puppy belonging to a friend of mine, the gentle-mannered Chole, left alone tried to make his way out of the laundry room. The damage can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Young dogs who have been the center of attention their entire lives suddenly find themselves home alone and suffer from separation anxiety.

“A lot of dogs can suffer from separation anxiety and it’s that fear of being alone and not knowing when someone is coming back,” said Stephanie Foerder, Indy Humane’s senior adoption counselor. “There is a large scale of separation anxiety. Some of them couldn’t be super terrible and quite often that could lead to destructive behavior.

Behavior such as chewing, barking, urinating, biting and jumping.

To minimize this behavior, experts recommend leaving your dog alone for short periods of time, but increasingly longer, or considering getting your pet comfortable in a crate-like crate.

“You want to create the crate as a safe space in their room, so you don’t want the dog to be afraid of the crate or ever go there as a punishment,” Foerder said.

A supply of chew toys, frozen treats, and plenty of exercise are also on the to-do list.

“Exercise is a huge thing,” she says. “When your dog is tired and mentally exhausted, you are not going to have a destructive dog.”

According to Foerder, cats generally don’t experience much separation anxiety.

Adjusting a puppy’s behavior takes time. So weeks before you go back to work, start working on your friend’s attitude home alone.

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Chewy hires over 500 employees for Sparks distribution center Thu, 20 May 2021 19:30:14 +0000

Online pet retailer Chewy is looking to hire more than 500 employees for its distribution center in Sparks, as part of a push by the company to increase investment in its northern Nevada facility.

The offerings include full-time and part-time positions ranging from fulfillment specialists to forklift operators. The positions cover a variety of shifts with salaries up to $ 20 per hour.

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Furrytail Cat Beds, Cat Litter, Feeding Products & Accessories Thu, 20 May 2021 00:47:00 +0000

At Lifehacker, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices accurate and items in stock at time of posting.

If your feline friend is truly the king or queen of the house, then the brand Furry tail must be on your radar. I mean just look at them cat beds! Look at them!

The first of its kind in Australia, the UK based brand makes the funniest cat beds and accessories that are stylish, minimalist, and ergonomic in design, but also fun enough that they look like a bespoke piece of furniture as opposed to a trash can to be found in your neatly organized apartment.

Among their range you will find a 360 degree rotation Boss cat bed, Anti-odor cat litter, a candle Filtered water fountain and Cat posts for cats which have a cool and contemporary vibe and are also fully functional for your furry friend.

Seriously, could you take a look at these Furrytail cat beds …

Furrytail Boss Cat Bed, Raised Cat Chair was $ 89, now $ 79 (save $ 10)

Let your cat feel like an absolute ballerina when lounging in this Boss Cat Bed. It is basically a cat sized day bed that has full 360 degree rotation and a dome design that creates a secure and comforting space for your cat to sleep.

Buy the Furrytail Boss Cat Bed, the raised cat chair was $ 89, now $ 79 (save $ 10) at Furrytail here.

Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed was $ 59, now $ 39 (save $ 20)

Available in three colors (pink, gray and white), the Little Snail cat bed is made from a plush fabric that will provide comfort and ease for your pet so that they can easily relax inside the space. It has a curved, hooded shape that makes your cat feel secure, protected and comfortable. My only question now is: do they make these products for humans?

Buy the Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed was $ 59, now $ 39 (save $ 20) at Furrytail here.

Space Capsule Cat Bed $ 69

This little space capsule is perfect for your futuristic feline boyfriend. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a fun place for your pets. It has a soft and smooth texture that will make your cat feel right at home. It’s also super portable and folds up so you can easily put them away when you need to clean your space.

Purchase the $ 69 Space Capsule Cat Bed from Furrytail here.

Furrytail Cat Time Cat Post was $ 189, now $ 179 (save $ 10)

Designed with different elevations, your pets will have fun walking up and down the different levels indulging in the different floors where they can sit and watch the view from the top of the house. It also comes with an area downstairs where they can take a nap and a cool hammock upstairs where they can relax and unwind in comfort.

Buying the Time Cat Furrytail Cat Scratch Post was $ 189, now $ 179 (save $ 10) at Furrytail here.

Furrytail Clear Filtered Cat Drinking Water Fountain 2L $ 79.90

Easy to use, this cat water cooler is all you need to make sure your cat has enough clean water to drink when they want it. It comes with a 24 hour purification system that filters out things like dirt and grime. The filter can also be easily cleaned for long term use.

Buy the Furrytail Clear Drinking Cat 2L Filtered Water Fountain $ 79.90 from Furrytail here.

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NYPD cop’s dog slept in heated room while son froze in garage: Testimonial Tue, 18 May 2021 00:31:21 +0000

RIVERHEAD, NY – Former NYPD cop Michael Valva wiped tears from his eyes as a family housekeeper recounted the heartbreaking final minutes of her 8-year-old son’s life at the preliminary hearing in his murder case on Monday.

But there was a brief moment in the housekeeper’s testimony that almost escaped notice.

When Tyrene Rodriguez spoke about getting her cleaning supplies in the mud room, where the Bella family dog ​​stayed, the Suffolk County District Attorney noted, “And it’s a heated room, isn’t it?” isn’t it? ”

The cleaning lady replied, “Yes.”

At the heart of the prosecution’s case is medical evidence that Thomas Valva died of hypothermia, after being forced to sleep in a frozen garage on a 19-degree winter night, allegedly because he soiled his pajamas.

The dog, meanwhile, slept in a heated room on the same floor.

When the housekeeper arrived at the house that Michael Valva shared with his then-fiancée Angela Pollina at around 9 a.m. on January 17, 2020, she said that Pollina was sitting on the kitchen island in preparing invoices.

Then Tyrene Rodriguez said she heard a child cry.

“I asked him who was crying; she said “Thomas is. He fell running for the bus.

When the housekeeper expressed her concern, she said Pollina replied, “ Yes, he will be fine. ”

Rodriguez testified that she had started cleaning a small bathroom on the first floor, then heard an electronic voice announcing that the garage door was opening.

“And then I looked over my right shoulder and saw Mike, Thomas and Angela,” Rodriguez recalls. “[Thomas] was, like, escorted between the two, but he was in front of them.

Rodriguez said the group headed for the basement stairs as she continued her cleaning.

But five or ten minutes later, Rodriguez said a restless and hysterical Pollina returned to the bathroom and said Thomas was not breathing.

The cleaning lady said she rushed to the basement and heard a 911 operator tell Michael Valva to do CPR on a hard surface instead of the sofa, so the father moved the boy to the ground.

“I knelt down next to Thomas’ head to keep him steady while Mike understood his chest,” Rodriguez said.

When Michael Valva’s defense attorney asked what Angela Pollina was doing, the housekeeper replied, “She was standing right behind us. I’m just panicking.

When the prosecution had the opportunity to redirect, the housekeeper admitted that she and Pollina were talking at the kitchen island when she arrived home, unaware that something was wrong. not.

“We pulled the breeze,” Rodriguez said, until she heard the boy’s screams.

The housekeeper knew Thomas was on the autism spectrum.

The prosecutor asked Rodriguez to describe the scene when she arrived in the basement and saw Thomas on the couch receiving CPR.

“He was completely naked,” Rodriguez said. “He was very blue. Her lips were blue.

The prosecutor asked the housekeeper if Pollina told her that Thomas had defecated on himself and urinated.

“I think I heard them say that when I went down to the basement,” Rodriguez testified. “I wondered why he was naked.”

“He made noises as the air was pushing out of his body,” Rodriguez recalls.

The housekeeper said as the paramedics arrived, “They took out those paddles and then they realized that nothing was happening.”

It was then that first responders “put a silver blanket on him” and took Thomas away, Rodriguez said.

She recalled that Michael Valva had changed his clothes before boarding the ambulance for the ride with Thomas to the Long Island Community Hospital.

Rodriguez testified that Pollina appeared to be responding well to questions from the police at the house.

But earlier, neighbor Laura Lauretta testified in the defense that Angela Pollina appeared to be outside when she arrived at the ER to find Pollina in a cubicle.

“She was lying in bed,” Lauretta testified. “I said, ‘Angela, what happened, what happened?’ She was not responding. And then the nurse said to me, “I gave her something to relax her.

“She was groggy, she was sleepy, she was moaning,” Lauretta testified. “Two policemen came in and asked me to come out.

Pollina’s defense attorney, Matt Tuohy, will make a big deal that his client was sedated with Xanax at the hospital, before he is asked to sign a police search form later at the house.

“She never gave anyone permission to enter the house,” Tuohy told PIX11 in court. “They should have got a warrant.

“These are really important questions that permeate the whole thing,” Tuohy added.

The prosecution asked Laura Lauretta if Pollina ever texted her for the police to leave the house.

Lauretta said no.

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Top 10 best honeysuckle cat toys 2021 – Bestgamingpro Fri, 14 May 2021 05:40:11 +0000

Top 10 best honeysuckle cat toys 2021

1. Honeysuckle Plush Heart Shaped Cat Toy – Cat Honeysuckle Catnip Alternative

  • Many cats who don’t respond to catnip will appreciate honeysuckle.
  • 100% pure spring water base. honeysuckle is simply not toxic to cats. Made in Canada.

2. Kittybird Honeysuckle Spray for Cats (2 oz)

  • 100% natural – harvested at the peak of freshness
  • Protected and healthy – promotes play and helps relieve anxiety and boredom in domestic cats
  • Alternative to catnip – matatabi sticks trigger the same response, but on top of that, they also double as a nice toy!
  • Extremely potent scent attractants give cats an intense and long-lasting response
  • Cats find it irresistible!

3. Meowy Janes Matatabi Chew Sticks – An All-Natural Silvervine Cat Toy and Treat – Catnip Alternative

  • Welfare Safety: Made from hardworking non-toxic plastic, encourages lively and healthy movements and interactive exercises to improve the general well-being and well-being of our cats, encouraging the training of thoughts and mind physical
  • TWO IN ONE: The premium felt cushion can be used as a notepad, to encourage good cat scratching habits, and clear claws thus serve to prevent cats from scratching furniture.
  • Interactive Cat Toy: Nice design and high quality kitten toys, rounded edges for safety and the mouse is firmly attached to the rotator. a very distinctive cat toy
  • Rotate: rotates primarily based on your cat’s touch and continues to rotate 360 ​​levels in each instruction, without batteries. an ideal cat toy or an adult cat toy
  • 100% satisfaction: nice gift for all cat lovers. be happy to answer our questions or problems. we will do our best to make you happy with your cat hunting toy

4.Refillable mouse toy filled with your choice of 5 different cat meds (Tatar Honeysuckle, Silver Vine, Valerian Root, Lemongrass, Catnip) (Gray, 5-in-1 Cat Medication Mix)

  • Gum Safety – Silver Vine Sticks can successfully remove plaque and tartar, eliminate foul breath, and protect oral health to bring you and your pets closer.
  • Excessive efficiency – for 80% of types of cats, kittens and adults. excessive efficiency guarantees that your cats will find it irresistible. your cat may be strongly attracted to this, reactions such as chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, operating, purring and being too cute.
  • Pure and unprocessed – the silver vine is 100% wild, natural and safe. without components or preservatives, healthy and safe for your pets.
  • Higher Digestion and Simple Feeding Methodology – Catmint can promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep animals healthy. feed your cats directly or lower the pores and skin of the sticks. after an interval of use, to maintain the impact, you will want to lower the diaper used.
  • 100% Satisfaction – Buy Slivervine Cat Sticks Safely! While not all cats instantly get a tie to the Silver Vine, our toys are suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. wolover provide 100% passable insures, in all other cases instant refunds, for any questions please contact customer support.

6. SKE Tatar Honeysuckle Shavings / Dust (Catnip Alternative) (1/4 oz (7 g))

  • Teeth cleansing effect – exfoliating dental plaque build-up on their tooth while cats chew these sticks (impact of toothpaste), improves dental well-being.
  • Simple feeding methodology – feed your cats directly or lower the pores and skin of the sticks. after an interval of use, to maintain the impact, you will want to lower the diaper used.
  • Pure and unprocessed – made with 100% pure matatabi silver vine sticks, no components or preservatives, healthy and safe for your pets.
  • Excessive efficiency – for 80% of types of cats, kittens and adults. excessive efficiency guarantees that your cats will find it irresistible. your cat may be strongly attracted to this, reactions such as chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, operating, purring and being too cute.
  • 5 star satisfaction guaranteed – every time a stick is used, no more than three times per week. a full refund or an alternative is possible in case you are not satisfied with our matatabi chew sticks.

7.WoLover Silvervine Sticks for Cats, Natural Catnip Sticks Matatabi Chew Sticks Teeth Molar Chew Toys for Kitten Kitty Cat (at least 12 PCS)

8.MPP Cat Toys Plush Catnip Infused Fruit Slice Fruity Sweet Citrus Honeysuckle 4 Pack

9. Meowy Janes Whole Silvervine Fruit – Dried Fruit Silvervine Gall – Actinidia Polygama – Cat toy – Cat treat

10. WoLover Cat Catnip Sticks Natural Matatabi Silvervine Sticks – Teeth Cleaning Molar Tools Kitten Cat Chew Toy Natural Catnip Mouse Cat Toy (20 PCS)

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Animal shelters need you! Summer brings lack of volunteers to help keep them running | Entertainment / life Thu, 13 May 2021 11:30:00 +0000

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way volunteers can help in animal shelters and rescues over the past year. Some shelters could not allow volunteers, and some, like Animal Rescue New Orleans, limited the number and tasks they could perform. However, as restrictions ease, shelters and rescues need volunteers more than ever.

At ARNO, an influx of students helped this spring. Now that the semester is over and the students are heading home for the summer, there is a sharp drop in volunteers – but the rescue still needs this help on a daily basis.

In many shelters, high school students have also completed their community service hours for the year. The summer months are also particularly tough because people often go out of their normal routines and animal organizations tend to lose even their regular volunteers.

So, if you are looking to lend a paw to the animals in our region’s shelters this summer, the opportunities are plentiful. Are you a teacher for summer vacation? Retired and at home during the day? Shifts or non-traditional hours? Do you like jogging and need a partner on all fours?

High school students can come and get a boost for their community service hours, and some shelters will allow court-ordered community service hours to be served as a volunteer.

Our shelters and rescues need you. If you’ve ever considered getting involved, now is the time.

Shelters and rescues depend on volunteers to operate on a daily basis. Animals should be fed, walked, socialized, and kennels should be cleaned daily. It is a very enriching experience and it makes a huge difference for these homeless animals.

The tasks and hours of volunteers may also vary. At ARNO, for example, we have volunteer opportunities seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hours allow volunteers to come in after work evenings, weekends, weekday mornings, afternoons, whatever works.

On site we have dishes, laundry, donation organization, sweeping, mopping, gardening and more, in addition to animal care – feeding, kennel cleaning, dog walkers, cat socialization and more again. Offsite, volunteers are needed to help with fundraisers, bring dogs and cats to adoption events, help with office chores and more.

Volunteers can also help by welcoming animals into their homes and giving them a break from the shelter by taking them for an afternoon to a dog park or for a car ride to have fun. Shelter dogs love to visit pet stores that allow pets and pick out a new toy. Additionally, animal organizations need volunteers to help get animals to and from vet appointments, organize supplies, photograph pets, write biographies and more.

Rescuing animals and caring for animals in shelters is hard work, and animal groups and shelters could not exist without the generous service of volunteers. They are essential helpers for accommodating staff and contributing to the mental health, socialization, and general happiness of the animals that are forever waiting for homes.

Here are a few organizations in the New Orleans metro area that offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Check with individual organizations to see what COVID-19 volunteering restrictions may be in place.

Purchases made through links on our site may earn us an affiliate commission

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4 PetSmart employees face charges after dog was strangled to death during grooming visit Thu, 13 May 2021 01:06:58 +0000

Click here for updates on this story

PITTSBURGH, PA (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh woman who says her dog was strangled to death at a PetSmart in East Liberty while having her fingernails clipped is calling the company to account.

Now, four employees involved in his claim face animal cruelty charges, and PetSmart has said it has been fired.

AJ Ross says her dog, Kobe, was a part of her life for 12 years and her companion as she moved across the country to further her career. On November 17, 2020, she says she brought Kobe to PetSmart in East Liberty to have her nails cut.

She says she watched the groomer walk into the living room with Kobe. A few minutes later, while shopping for treats and toys for him, she said she heard the manager call on the intercom.

Moments later, the manager brought her to the salon, where she says she saw her stuffed poodle lying lifeless on the grooming table. She says she came to get him and ran.

“I rush out of the store and hope some fresh air helps. If I just rub it and the cool air hits it, maybe it will wake up, ”she told KDKA. “I say, ‘Kobe, wake up, wake up’ and he doesn’t wake up. And I just collapsed outside the store.

Ross rushed Kobe to a local vet, where, according to an autopsy report provided to KDKA by Ross, workers attempted CPR but were unable to revive him. Ross said she said goodbye to Kobe and started questioning the actions of PetSmart employees.

She says the director of PetSmart told her that Kobe had just passed out while having his nails done.

“Like, he looked sick?” What were you saying? He just passed out? And they couldn’t really give me a clear answer, ”Ross said.

She says after several attempts to get responses from PetSmart employees, a regional manager brought her into the store to view the surveillance video on December 1, 2020. What she claims to have seen traumatized her.

“They had him attached to a leash and tied to the end of the grooming table. Her neck is therefore hyperextended in different directions, ”she recalls. “He was hanged. He was suspended for over a minute. He struggled and was tortured. They didn’t do anything, they kept cutting his nails.

According to Animal Control, Ross called Humane Animal Rescue the same day she saw the video and requested an investigation.

What Ross describes as having happened to his dog is corroborated by criminal complaints filed by an animal control officer against the four former employees. The officer writes that an employee is seen holding Kobe as he struggles with the leashes, and another employee is cutting his nails. Eventually, according to the video description of the complaint, Kobe goes limp, and that’s when employees call a manager.

The complaint says the animal control officer showed the surveillance video to a veterinarian, who describes what happened as being compatible with an animal suffering from a crushed trachea.

In a statement provided to KDKA, PetSmart said, “We are sorry and very sorry for the loss of Kobe. After this terrible accident, we launched an internal investigation and found an unintentional breach of our pet safety processes. Additionally, we cooperated with an external investigation, terminated responsible associates, and facilitated an autopsy to help provide answers. “

Ross says she has requested information from PetSmart on how its employees are trained and the protocols employees must follow. In an email from a PetSmart manager in Ross, provided by Ross to KDKA, he tells him that he can provide this information to him, and says, “We would ask you to sign an acknowledgment (sic) to keep these. private documents because our academy training and policies and procedures are proprietary and these documents are generally not accessible to the public. We are prepared to make an exception here, and we want to share them with you, given these circumstances. “

But Ross believes PetSmart’s policies on how the company trains its groomers should be public and transparent, so pet owners can make informed decisions about who to trust their dogs and cats.

“Just because someone took a six hour training course in pet grooming, is they really up to the task?”

Ross says reliving the experience of the days since the former employees were indicted on May 7 has been difficult, but she wants something to stand out from her experience so people are aware and protected.

“It’s a void. To me, Kobe was like family, ”Ross said.

The four former employees face multiple charges, including one charge of animal cruelty.

Note: this content is subject to a strict embargo in the local market. If you share the same market as the contributor of this article, you cannot use it on any platform.

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Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies owners thinking outside the cardboard box in Plano Wed, 12 May 2021 12:00:00 +0000

Left to Right: Mollie, John and Chloe Hancock own Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies. (Karen Chaney / Community Impact newspaper)

When the Hancock family – John, Mollie and their daughter, Chloe – started Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies in 2015, they were acting on an idea dating back two years earlier.

It was then that Mollie first heard about a Canadian company that was leasing reusable plastic boxes.

They decided to start a similar business after John, an English teacher for 20 years, was out of a full-time job.

“Instead of looking for another job, this was the perfect time to start a business,” John said.

After researching the perfect box and having a family friend design the logo, they stocked up, placed magnetic signs on John’s old truck, and got down to business renting moving boxes and boxes. reusable, recycled and recyclable moving accessories.

“I want to take care of the earth wherever I can,” Mollie said.

Job responsibilities were chosen based on the strengths and expertise of each family member. Chloe graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a marketing degree. So she and Mollie, who used her decades of experience as a real estate agent, became the marketing team. John loves to visit customers, so he does all the deliveries and pickups. It also cleans the boxes after each use.

Over the years, John’s box delivery methods have improved.

“I was an English teacher, not science, so I didn’t know that when you put these boxes in the back of the truck, the lids would serve as wings and they would fly out the back,” he said. John said.

He now drives a custom van.

The Hancocks have been involved with the Plano Chamber of Commerce for years and have found it a useful networking resource. This year, Chloe is president of the chamber’s Young Professionals of Plano organization.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies offers packages to meet a variety of moving needs. They start with enough containers for a one bedroom move ($ 80 for two weeks) and work their way up from there.

The Hancocks celebrate the fact that they now have 2,000 customers. March 2021 turned out to be their best month, they said.

“What brings people to us is ease of service,” Chloe said.

Elephant trunk removal equipment


Ordering hours: Accepted online 24/7

Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 8 am-6pm, Sun 12 pm-6pm

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Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) Releases Fiscal 2021 Revenue Forecast Wed, 12 May 2021 11:14:12 +0000

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) released an update on its earnings guidance for fiscal 2021 on Wednesday morning. The company provided an EPS forecast of 2.420 for the period, compared to the estimated EPS Thomson Reuters consensus of $ 2,270. The company has released a revenue forecast of -.

NASDAQ: CENTA opened at $ 53.77 on Wednesday. The company has a market cap of $ 2.97 billion, a P / E ratio of 24.22 and a beta of 0.69. Central Garden & Pet has a one-year low of $ 30.90 and a one-year high of $ 55.82. The company has a leverage ratio of 0.64, a current ratio of 3.46 and a quick ratio of 2.47. The company has a fifty-day simple moving average of $ 51.39 and a two-hundred-day simple moving average of $ 42.20.

Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA) last released its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, May 5. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $ 1.32 for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters consensus estimate of $ 1.08 by $ 0.24. Central Garden & Pet recorded a return on equity of 12.03% and a net margin of 4.48%. As a group, analysts expect Central Garden & Pet to post earnings per share of 2.07 for the current year.

Several equity research analysts recently commented on CENTA’s shares. Zacks investment research upgraded Central Garden & Pet from a sustaining note to a buying note and set a price target of $ 50.00 for the company in a research note on Monday, March 8. Truist began covering Central Garden & Pet in a research note on Monday. They issued a buy note and a price target of $ 65.00 for the company. JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised its price target on Central Garden & Pet from $ 45.00 to $ 53.00 and rated the stock neutral in a research note on Friday, April 16. Truist Securities began hedging shares of Central Garden & Pet in a report on Monday. They set a buy score and a price target of $ 65.00 for the company. Finally, KeyCorp raised its price target on Central Garden & Pet shares from $ 57.00 to $ 62.00 and assigned the company an overweight rating in a report on Thursday, May 6. One analyst rated the stock with a sustaining rating and five issued a buy rating to the company. The company has a consensus buy rating and a consensus price target of $ 59.00.

Central Garden & Pet Company Profile

Central Garden & Pet Company produces and distributes a variety of products for the lawn and garden and pet supply markets in the United States. It provides pet products including edible chews and treats, dog chew toys, dog toys, natural dog treats and chews, chews and solutions. pet dental, dog training pads, animal containment, grooming supplies and other accessories specialized bird, small animal and pet products including food, cages and habitats, toys, chews and related accessories; animal and household health and insect control products; live fish and products for fish, reptiles and other domestic aquarium animals, such as aquariums, furniture and lights, pumps, filters, water conditioners, food and supplements; and products for horses and cattle, as well as outdoor cushions and pillows.

Recommended Story: How Do Tariffs Affect Trade Scales?

Historical and revenue estimates for Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENTA)

This instant news alert was powered by storytelling technology and financial data from MarketBeat to provide readers with the fastest, most accurate reports. This story was reviewed by the MarketBeat editorial team prior to publication. Please send any questions or comments about this story to [email protected]

Featured article: Oversold

7 Eternal Stocks That Are Never Bad To Buy

Investors thought 2021 would be a less volatile year. This story encountered some problems. Of course, all the major indices are up for the year. And this despite the heartbreaking 10% drop in NASDAQ in March.

But many investors don’t really want to celebrate. In fact, many are concerned about the liquidity that continues to flow into the stock market. In 2020, the pandemic inundated the economy with $ 6 trillion in stimulus packages.

However, in recent months, the Federal Reserve has pumped an additional $ 6 trillion into the economy. We would have stopped counting, but the math is pretty straightforward. It was $ 12.3 trillion that flooded the economy.

Ultimately, it will end badly. But market timing is a flawed science, especially when many investors are enjoying the game.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect your portfolio without giving up stocks. It has to do with investing in stocks forever. Forever stocks are not magic beans. They don’t go up forever. But these are actions that have stood the test of time. And investing in these stocks will keep your portfolio in the right direction.

With that in mind, we’ve organized this special presentation that showcases seven of these Forever Actions. These are all stocks that are household names, but that’s kind of the point. You don’t need any special knowledge. It suffices to recognize that these are companies that always do the good of their shareholders.

See “7 Eternal Stocks That Are Never Bad To Buy”.

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Zooplus AG: Expansion of Pet Supplies Category Further Accelerates Growth Path of Leading Pan-European Online Retailer Wed, 12 May 2021 05:31:48 +0000

DGAP-News: zooplus AG / Keyword (s): Quarterly / Interim statement / Quarterly results

zooplus AG: Expansion of Pet Supplies Category Further Accelerates Growth Path of Leading Pan-European Online Retailer

12.05.2021 / 07:30
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this advertisement.

zooplus AG: Expansion of Pet Supplies Category Further Accelerates Growth Path of Leading Pan-European Online Retailer

  • Strong sales growth of 16% to 509 million euros in the first quarter of 2021; adjusted growth rate of 22% in Q1 2021 vs normalized revenue in Q1 2020
  • Two-year growth trend with continued strong momentum (Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2019: CAGR 18% and Q4 2020 vs. Q4 2018: CAGR 17%)
  • Subscribe & Save loyalty program sales (+ 32%) and private label operations (+ 34%) outperform total sales growth and boost long-term profit outlook
  • Solid gross margins and operating leverage bringing EBITDA to a level of 25 million euros (Q1 2020: 8 million euros); 4.8% EBITDA margin (Q1 2020: 1.8%)
  • Forecasts for 2021 confirmed, with sales and EBITDA performance currently assumed to be in the mid to upper range for the full year
  • zooplus focuses on very attractive category opportunities: increasing the pet population, humanizing pets, and premiumizing pet food and accessories

Munich, May 12, 2021 – zooplus AG, the leading online pet platform in Europe, continues its strong growth path in the first quarter of 2021. The company increased total sales by 16% to 509 million euros in the first quarter 2021 (Q1 2020: 440 million euros). The adjusted growth rate for Q1 2021 stands at 22% based on Q1 2020 normalized sales. Revenue growth was primarily driven by increased monetization of its customer base more and more loyal loyal and active members, combined with a new healthy clientele. The number of active loyal customers increased by 15% year on year.

Dr Cornelius Patt, CEO: “Zooplus’ performance in the first quarter of fiscal 2021 once again confirms the strong growth trajectory of our business. Fueled by trends in our category, such as increasing population of d ‘companion animals, premiumization and humanization of companion animals, we are ideally positioned as a number one player in our vertical sector to continue adding loyal customers to our ecosystem. Our customer focus ensures that we meet the needs of our customers. needs of our loyal customers while being very attractive to new customers. Therefore, we are developing our customer base, we are increasing the spend per account and we are developing the margin structure of our sales. It is the perfect basis for growth strong and profitable in the future ”.

Solid growth in net income and strong free cash flow generation
Strong gross margins and operating leverage generated EBITDA of 24.5 million euros (Q1 2020: 8.1 million euros), resulting in an EBITDA margin of 4.8% (Q1 2020: 1 , 8%). The gross margin of 30.7% (Q1 2020: 29.4%) benefited from an increase in premiumisation, an increase in high-margin sales and a decrease in promotional activities during the period under review. This positive profit development, combined with improvements in working capital, resulted in strong free cash flow generation of 48.1 million euros (Q1 2020: 40.4 million euros), bringing the total to cash on the balance sheet at 154 million euros.

Customer focus, focus on customer loyalty and increased profits from high margin businesses
Zooplus’ strategy of focusing on customer loyalty and recurring revenue maintained momentum in Q1 2021: zooplus achieved 97% revenue retention as an industry leader at the end of Q1 (Q1 2020: 94%), rising to 98% at the end of April 2021, with some markets and cohorts already showing performance above 100%. The number of active loyal customers increased by 15% (Q1 2020: 14%) to 5.3 million.

The success of customer retention is also reflected in the growing importance of its flagship loyalty tool ‘Subscribe & Save’, with sales growing 32%, accounting for 54% of active repeat sales (Q1 2020: 50%). With sales of 532 euros per account, the loyalty program generated 83% more sales per account compared to customers who are not on the “Subscribe and save” program. zooplus also continued to successfully cross-sell and cross-sell high margin products in the first quarter of 2021. As a result, the private label business grew by 34% (Q1 2020: 32%), representing 17.4% of total sales (Q1 2020: 15.1%). The share of orders for at least one own-brand product has increased year on year, underscoring the growing popularity of zooplus own brands with pet parents across Europe.

Increased pet population to increase the category for years to come
Pet ownership has increased over the past decade, with Covid-19 and lockdowns boosting pet ownership in 2020 across Europe. The increase in the pet population, the humanization of pets, and the premiumization of pet food and accessories are enduring trends that are fueling growth in the pet supplies category. It is estimated that the European pet supplies market will grow at a CAGR of around 6% until 2030 to reach 49 billion euros. In Europe, the online share is expected to reach a level of 18.6 billion euros (38% market share) by 2030. Given its unique position as the leading online platform for animals of company in Europe in the category, zooplus plans to achieve a total market share of 9% to 10% by 2025 and 11% to 13% by 2030. The attractiveness of the category is also underlined by the The Company’s expectation to achieve operating profitability of at least 4% EBITDA margin by 2025, paving the way for a long-term margin target of at least 6%.

Orientation for 2021
On the strength of these strong growth figures and favorable market winds, zooplus confirms its forecasts for 2021. For the full year, zooplus forecasts sales of between 2.04 and 2.14 billion euros. euros and an EBITDA of between 40 and 80 million euros. , leading to an EBITDA margin of 2% to 4%. From today’s perspective and based on current business development, the Management Board currently assumes that full-year revenue and EBITDA forecasts are within the mid to upper range of the forecast. .

Main financial highlights:

Q1 2021 Q1 2020 Switch
Sales In millions of euros 509 440 + 16%
Share of own-brand sales % 17.4% 15.1% + 2.4% p
Income retention rate
to 03/31
% 97% 94% + 3% p
Gross profit In millions of euros 156.2 129.3 +26.9
Gross margin % 30.7% 29.4% + 1.3% p
EBITDA In millions of euros 24.5 8.1 +16.5
EBITDA margin % 4.8% 1.8% + 3.0% p
EBT In millions of euros 16.2 0.7 +15.6
Consolidated net income In millions of euros 10.3 -0.5 +10.8
Earnings per share (undiluted) EUR 1.44 -0.07 +1.51
Earnings per share (diluted) EUR 1.41 -0.07 +1.48
Free movement of capital In millions of euros 48.1 40.4 +7.7
Active loyal customers
to 03/31
million 5.3 4.6 + 15%
Active customers at 03/31 million 8.6 7.8 + 10%

Company Profile:
zooplus AG is the leading online pet platform in Europe, measured by sales. Founded in 1999 as a German start-up, the company’s business model has been successfully launched internationally, dedicated to the mission of creating moments of happiness between pets and their parents in 30 European countries . With a wide and relevant product offering in the range of pet food and pet care and accessories, zooplus caters to more than 8 million pet parents across Europe, including over of 5 million made more than two orders in 2020. The product line includes well-known international brands. , popular local brands as well as high quality exclusive own brand lines for pet food, accessories, care products, toys and more for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters , horses and many other furry and non-furry friends. In addition, zooplus customers benefit from exclusive loyalty programs, a better value proposition, fast and reliable delivery as well as a smooth digital shopping experience, combined with a variety of content. interactive and community offers. Sales totaled over 1.8 billion euros in fiscal 2020, capturing around 7% of the European pet supplies market of 28 to 29 billion euros (net), both excluding line and line combined.

For more information on zooplus, please visit or our international store at

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