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Yes, it’s true that cats don’t like being told what to do. But sometimes your cat makes you happy and lets you dress it up for special occasions (as long as it’s comfortable). If your cat is not afraid to have fun on Halloween, you may be looking for a new outfit for Halloween 2022. And there are then so many great cat costumes to choose from that the selection process could get a bit overwhelming.

We are here to help you. Whether you’re looking for cute cat costumes or ones that will make your friends laugh, we’ve found some of the best cat Halloween costumes so you can spend more time strategizing to make your smart cat a TikTok star. in its best Halloween.

What to look for when buying a cat costume

Because some cats don’t have too much patience, it’s important to look for costumes that fit their personality.

Find something that’s easy to put on and take off

Velcro and adjustable toggles will be your best friends when it comes to finding a great cat costume. For vest or harness style outfits, being able to quickly attach the costume to your cat’s front or around their neck and belly will make the dressing (and undressing!) process much faster and easier . And the adjustable toggles make the headdresses easy to adjust to fit properly so your cat won’t get bored.

The fewer pieces, the better

Some pet costumes come with hats, capes, wings, tail covers, boots, and other moveable parts that your cat might not have the patience to put on or wear. Choose a costume with only one or two pieces so your cat won’t feel suffocated and can still be wild and go about their daily routines.

Pay attention to your cat’s reaction

“It can be tempting to get your dog or cat dolled up, but instead of focusing on how cute they look, it’s more important to assess whether they’re okay with it,” says Dr. Andrea Tu, medical director at Behavior Vets. NYC, told The Dodo. “Some animals enjoy or love dressing up, but others really despise it.”

If you can clearly see that your cat isn’t having fun, it’s time to take the costume off. “Some cats walk around slippery when wearing clothes, or fall down and become ‘immobile’ because they don’t like the feel of the clothes,” Dr Tu said.

Sure, the costume may look cute and funny, but you don’t want to hurt your cat’s confidence in you just for a few shots. Never force your cat into a situation that he feels uncomfortable with.

The Best Halloween Cat Costumes Your Cat (Probably) Won’t Hate

Here are our favorite cat costumes for Halloween 2022.

And remember, if your cat doesn’t smell like a Halloween costume, then don’t force it! “If you’re not sure your pet likes to be dressed, it’s best to err on the side of your pet’s comfort, assume they don’t like it, and not dress your pet,” recommends Dr. You. .

It’s a lot scarier to lose your cat’s trust than to see them in a scary costume – trust us.

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