Carmel may ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores • Current Edition

It may soon become illegal to sell dogs or cats in pet stores in Carmel.

The city is not home to any businesses selling dogs or cats, but Carmel Councilman Adam Aasen, who is sponsoring the ordinance amendments, said several pet stores that do are within a few miles of the city’s borders. town. The Petland store, just north of 146th Street, has an address in Carmel but is in Westfield.


“We try to be proactive, not reactive in Carmel,” Aasen said. “Cities that don’t anticipate things end up having to write laws to react to something that happens, and that’s not good policy.”

The proposed changes still allow licensed hobby breeding and allow pet stores to partner with rescue organizations to find homes for dogs and cats.

Under the proposed order, companies could be fined up to $2,500 per violation.

Aasen said many pet stores obtain the dogs they sell from unlicensed puppy mills, which raise pets in filthy, unsanitary conditions with limited veterinary care.

Elizabeth Kunzelman, vice president of legislative and public affairs for Petland, said the Ohio-based company only buys pets from breeders licensed, inspected and regulated by the USDA. She said the type of legislation proposed to Carmel would prohibit licensed Indiana breeders from working with Petland and drive more people to buy pets online or in the “dark corners of the unregulated pet trade.” “.

“We believe families should have a choice of where to find their pet,” Kunzelman said. “There are many examples of states and local municipalities creating thoughtful and responsible regulations to ensure that pet stores buy from responsible, professional and regulated breeders, and we are pleased to work with the City of Carmel to develop regulations sensible.”

The Humane Society of Hamilton County did not respond to a request for comment at press time.

The city updated its animal welfare ordinance in 2020 to ban pet stores from selling animals from puppy mills. Aasen said the proposed updates would make it easier for the city to enforce the ordinance because code enforcement officers can more quickly determine if a business is selling cats and dogs than they can determine where from. she got them.

Other Indiana municipalities that have banned the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores include Columbus, Bloomington, East Chicago and St. Joseph County.

Council is due to present the ordinance at its June 20 meeting. Residents are encouraged to contact Aasen at [email protected] to share questions, concerns and feedback.