Can AirTag be used to track a family dog? What would you like to know

AirTags can be used to track many objects and even pets, but there are some things to consider before attaching Apple’s tracker to the family dog.

AirTag is small and compact enough that it can be used to find lots of lost items, but is Apple’s tracker really a viable option for keeping a digital eye on dogs and other family pets? Announced at the company’s Spring Loaded event, AirTag is already proving to be a popular buy for iPhone users who need to track just about anything and everything. However, there are a few things to consider before attaching one to an animal’s collar.

Apple’s AirTags cost just $ 29 each, with the option to grab a four-pack for a reduced price of $ 99. Their small size makes them ideal for storing them in a wallet or purse. However, the company also sells a number of accessories that can be used to attach the Item Tracker to even more items, including keys, bags, and even luggage. All of this makes AirTag an affordable and very versatile product.

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When it comes to pets, the short answer is that an AirTag can be used to track furry friends, but it’s not designed to be. In a recent interview with Fast company, Kaiann Drance, vice president of product marketing at Apple, explained how AirTag was specifically designed to track articles, not people. In fact, the company has specifically incorporated features intended to reduce the likelihood that trackers will be used as a tool to track down others. Drance explained that anyone looking to track a child would be better off providing them with an Apple Watch than an AirTag. Of course, attaching an Apple Watch to a dog, cat, or other pet isn’t really an option.

Things to keep in mind when tracking pets

AirTag water resistance

Despite pointing out how AirTag is not designed to track pets, Drance was more accepting of its use for this purpose. At one point, pointing out that an AirTag will work to find a missing animal, as long as it’s within range of a device connected to Apple’s Find My network. Speaking of which, while pet parents don’t have to worry about battery draining for months, it’s worth knowing that AirTag has its durability limits. Technically, object trackers are considered water resistant, but only to a certain depth and for a limited time. Therefore, any exposure to water exceeding either of these limitations could adversely affect functionality and the ability to track a pet.

Another point to consider is attachment in general. Apple does not officially sell any pet collar accessories for AirTag, which means users will have to make them themselves or purchase one from a third party. Making sure it is safe and comfortable for the animal is not only beneficial for the animal, but also for the aftercare in general. After all, if the AirTag is not properly attached and is more likely to be removed by the animal, the animal’s parent will still be able to locate the missing AirTag, but that won’t help. find the missing family dog ​​or cat.

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