Business Bow-wow: $ 500 million to spend on pet costumes; Mississippi is most likely to dress dogs

Mississippi might be at the bottom or near the bottom in many statistical categories, but here’s one where Magnolia State tops all the rest:

Based on research published today,, predicts that the Mississippi is most likely to dress their puppies for Halloween This year.

Almost $ 500 million is spent each Halloween on pet costumes, with $ 29 million planning to dress their dogs this year. (Because who doesn’t like torturing their dogs with a silly costume, right?)

According to people polled by the National Retail Federation, the most popular costumes for 2019 are again the Pumpkin and Hot dog. However, superheroes tend to increase with a 4.5% increase in popularity. The additions to the leaderboard from 2018 are Witches and Sharks.

And spending money on pets is big business. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet industry revenues are expected to reach more than $ 75 billion this year, up from $ 72.5 billion in 2018. About 65% of US households have at least one pet. of company.

Pets are a staple in many families, they love to have a furry friend who becomes part of their family who lives with them. For this reason, many people will do what they can for their pets, whether it be dressing them up at certain events, not just Halloween, but Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, the list is really exhaustive because there are from costumes for almost everything, to finding the best foods for them with Ultimate Pet Nutrition promo codes or vet-certified foods so they can be happy and healthy for many years to come, and if it was up to the owners, it would be forever! So you can see why pets are such a big business on every level.