Boo Oh – A New Name In Luxury Pet Accessories – Launches E-Commerce Site

NEW YORKOct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — boo oha new lifestyle brand for pets and their owners, announces the launch of and launches a line of pet accessories created to enhance everyday moments. boo oh patent-pending designs are aimed at consumers who appreciate style, quality materials and attention to detail in their wardrobes, homes and the accessories they use while traveling with their companions to fur. The founder of the brand, Jay Sae Jung Oh, an artist and industrial designer by trade, brings a fresh perspective to the growing market for pet products. The company bears the name boo oh in honor of his own pet, a French bulldog named Boo. The brand’s first collection includes the Lumi leash and collar, the Ray harness and the Toto bag.

The Lumi collection, made from 100% vegetable-based Italian Buttero leather, is for those who appreciate handcrafted items made from the finest materials. Combining utility and comfort with a truly modern aesthetic, the Lumi features a unique ring handle, constructed from lightweight aluminum and treated with an anodizing process.

The Ray Harness is a patent pending utility design that turns the leash and harness into one separate product. Crafted from a single piece of padded interwoven synthetic silk fiber rope and a series of Buttero leather details, the product allows owners to seamlessly attach and detach their pet’s harness. Presented in a range of modern hues, the Ray is perfect for owners who appreciate a contemporary and sporty look.

The Toto bag, made of a single piece of fine grain leather, can be used to store the essentials when you go out with your pet. The Toto is designed to integrate with the Lumi leash or Ray harness and is available in a rich palette, allowing customers to customize their own product and color combination.

“As a first-time pet owner, I searched to find beautifully crafted accessories that reflected my personal style and needs. When my search failed, I felt inspired to create my own “, explains Oh. “Based on my years in product design, I created boo oh the first collections using only the best materials, assembling each product entirely by hand; I hope customers and their pets love them as much as I do.”

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