Becca Tobin’s Guide to the Best Pet Accessories

Ironically, Tobin comes from three generations of lawyers and admits that it was actually quite fun wearing power suits on set. “I’m quite nostalgic about it because I grew up seeing my mom put on a costume and go to court. My sister puts on a costume every day, as does my dad and my grandfather. So I really got into the family business, ”she says, adding,“ I just didn’t have to go to law school to do it.

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But back to the dogs: After spending so much time with her furry friends at work and at home, Becca Tobin has the best suggestions for pet accessories and toys. And even if you’re not a pet owner, she has some great suggestions for just about everything else as well. It’s time for another edition of Charmis the favorites of your favorite.

My Favorite Pet Membership Service

BarkBox. Every month they send you toys and treats for your dog. My dog, Orly, sees a little cardboard box now and just assumes it’s his box for the month. She’s losing her mind. The box has some adorable stuff for her.

The perfect harness for my dog

BuddyBelts, a leather harness for dogs. Cute, not cheesy harnesses and collars are hard to find for dogs. The one I have is tanned. I guess if I had to wear a harness this is what I would wear.

The dog bed my dogs love

the BDEUS dog bed. Basically it’s a memory foam dog mattress. I had one of these beds while on vacation when we were in Vancouver and it was the only bed Orly ever really liked.

The most practical and elegant fanny pack

I have two fanny packs that I have always carried. One is Claire V., which is such a great brand. It’s solid black and I get so many compliments. It is a great size and style. Then Senrève, which is really structured and uncluttered. I can do it on the waist or on the chest, but it’s a really nice grained leather.

My favorite way to take a moment for myself

I take a very long shower. I do a scalp scrub followed by a hair mask. I shave all the hair on my body. I go out, I foam OSEA Algae Body Oil. It’s liquid gold. And then I do a foot care. Olive & June makes these extra chunky fluffy pink socks, designed to accompany their intense heel bomb. Then I get on my couch and watch hours and hours of Housewives. I shouldn’t have any more brain cells by the end of it, but it’s the most amazing day for me.

The sweatshirt I live in

My OG Lady Gang sweatshirt. Every two months we do a March drop, and Jac Vanek has its own clothing line. She designs all our Lady Gang stuff and it’s fun. We’ve made sure we get the best quality sweatshirts and shirts that people really want to wear, when you want something soft and comfortable.

My favorite item in my closet

That vintage Pucci dress my maternal grandmother wore in her twenties in Miami. It’s colorful and really sassy with a fun sleeve. She accompanies me everywhere and I never get rid of her. It makes me happy.

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The makeup products that I always carry with me

Brows Studio City has the best eyebrow gel that I always carry with me. I also go for my eyebrows to shape and tint them. Then Charlotte Tilbury’s lip pencils have always been a stable product in my makeup bag. They are amazing. As well, ILIA has a multi-stick for cheeks, lips, eye shadow. I love their products so much.

My favorite snack

A Sour Cream and Cheddar Flounce Crisps. I’m so mad at my husband because before he and I started dating I think I had them maybe once in my childhood life. I never visited them again. But seven years ago my husband and I started dating and he would always get these chips with his sandwiches and then buy them for the house. The moment one is in your mouth, you reach the sac again. It’s really dangerous for me. If I want something healthy, I always prefer watermelon. I still don’t know how to cut it properly, but it’s my choice.

My favorite movie from 1989, when the OG Turner & Hooch came out of

Beverly Hills Troop is my favorite movie, and it came out in 1989. It doesn’t get any better than Phyllis Nefler. Steel magnolia trees was also released in 1989 as well as Weekend at Bernie’s and Uncle Buck. These films were my childhood in a nutshell.

The TV Show My Husband and I Can’t Stop Watching

My husband and I are now addicted to this show on HGTV called Renovation Island. We have been through two seasons in a very embarrassing period of time. It was this couple from Toronto who took over this vacant, run-down hotel in the Bahamas. He’s a builder and she’s a designer and they spend all season fixing [the Caerula Mar Club]. I want to go now.

The vacation spot I can’t wait to return

Thank goodness my husband and I agree that Italy is the best place in the world. We went to Sardinia when we first started dating and it was our favorite place. We stayed in Porto Cervo and spent every day on a boat. It was the most beautiful place with the nicest people and delicious food.

The book I’m reading right now

I am reading Wild game by Adrienne Brodeur. It’s based on a true story and it’s amazing. And then I always recommend Many lives, many masters. It’s a really cool book about past lives. If you like that sort of thing, it’s remarkable.

Jessica Radloff is the Charm West Coast Editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @ jessicaradloff14.