Bad Boy Chiller Crew: Charva Anthems EP album review

Bassline rap trio Bad Boy Chiller Crew were named for stardom in 2020, with a tour across the UK and plans to travel the world, but things obviously haven’t quite turned out from there. this way for MCs Kane, Clive and GK. Instead, the crew regrouped at their sprawling new farmhouse outside their hometown of Bradford, in the county of West Yorkshire, in the north of the UK, and channeled the boredom of the lockdown into what he does best: making bangers and getting into benders. From last year, aptly titled Full Wack without brakes, there were the two scintillating stages of “Need you“And a Christmas nudge and wink single titled”White white christmas,” as good as lager assisted tattoo roulette and one backhoe-operated slip ‘n’ slide. Earlier this month, a steady groundswell pushed them into the UK Top 40 with the hugely catchy lead single from Charva hymns, “Don’t You Worry About Me”, a song that sounds like an alcopop tastes: sweet and sparkling, with a bit of bite. If you have enough, you will feel good then a little sick.

After being taken over by a major label, the Crew tweaked their organ and bassline sounds, and some references got upgraded as well – more Gray Goose than Smirnoff, BMWs were replaced by off-road motorcycles – but most of the ingredients remain familiar: namely, to get licked and to move quickly. “Forget Me”, “Don’t You Worry About Me” and “Get Out My Head” all follow a similar formula. There’s an externalized female vocal choir that instantly sounds familiar on first listen (most of them lifted, royalty-free, straight from Splice), which is paired with punchy and sideways verses. It’s a setup that works best when the chorus is short and distant, letting the catchy verses do the heavy lifting (“Up late, got flake,” from “Clothes,” is economical lyricism at its best).

Kane, the best MC of the three and a remarkably low-key talent in his own right, takes center stage through the EP. His character is the most reserved – colder than bad boy, you might say – but he’s still as entertaining as ever and changes tide with the ease and frequency of British weather. Clive is no slouch either, and GK has charisma; few people can say words like “These people know I’m a dog like Marley/ Drive like Ken and I fuck those Barbies. Like a hangover fry, it works. Most of the time, anyway.

“She’s My World” is a bit of a mess, with its awkward chorus and out of place Auto-Tuned elements (albeit catchy). Rhythm is toil, and heartfelt singing is forgettable in the same way that drunken rows at the time of kicks tend to be relegated to history the next morning. But the group was open to their intentions to reach a larger and more commercial audience and to get out of an otherwise hyperlocal music scene. Their transparency, unlikely star power, and undeniable ear for an eye-catching flow is probably the reason so many people are already accepting them. Some new fans might need a glossary – 10 points (or pints) to anyone in the United States who knows what a charva is – but with such fancy gear, Braddy’s boys might just achieve their ambitions. world this year.

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